Dear Other:

Megan Burns

in legal terms, in the cessation, curled lip. what i will not do is take out a photographic memory, cherish & obey as we were wont & won’t, so legalese speak we domicile, we temporary, we separate, a year in abeyance. other, that’s the unspoken conditional. what was it we ever hoped to accomplish? i can’t remember if i can imagine a further removed, we speak in the splitting, in plural necessities, what made this cross hatch, once childed there is no real divorce: the future is a bell. to say the plane of your life will level. what of it. what of it. what of it. how sweetening the source the treble dropped, all fat bees a honeying. take that bee box. take that little headed adventure.

From Commitment
(Lavender Ink, 2015)

Megan Burns is the publisher at Trembling Pillow Press, and she edits the poetry magazine, Solid Quarter. She has been most recently published in Jacket Magazine, Callaloo, New Laurel Review, YAWP Journal, and the Big Bridge New Orleans Anthology. Her poetry and prose reviews have been published in Tarpaulin Sky, Gently Read Lit, Big Bridge, and Rain Taxi. She has several chapbooks including the most recent Dollbaby (Horseless Press, 2013) and i always wanted to start over (Nous-Zot press, 2014). She lives in New Orleans where she runs the Blood Jet Poetry reading series.

Commitment (Lavender Ink Chapbook, 2015)