The Quotidian Bee
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The Quotidian Bee

from Numbers

Pablo Lopez

403. The line was blank. I chose everything.
404. Pericles: Spring has lost its spring.
405. Carried nothing of it but remained astride hebetude
406. Astride hebetude. So it goes
409. Midday. Singular. Last palpitation. Plural
410. Those in town aware of a new presence
411. Single room. Today’s antinomy
411. Rewrote yesterday today’s antinomy
412. Repeating the phrase one creature
413. Yesterday. Through ritual
413. Light cast. Illusion seized
414. Afternoon. Idle skin. Dull red
414. Twisted illusion into consequence. Incision seized
415. In the ethical sense
416. Being possible
417. In the sense that it’s just that
418. Everything being that
419. The slightest more
420. The made and dumb
421. Slightest the more so
422. Teemed with contagion

From Numbers
Available from McNally Jackson Booksellers
About Called Back Books

Pablo Lopez is the author of the NUMBERS (Called Back Books), and coeditor of an online journal (comma, poetry) that features innovative work in English and translation. He lives in Los Angeles.

Another excerpt from Numbers at Omniverse

Numbers by Pablo Lopez (Called Back Books, 2015)




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