Glyphs & Special Characters

by Shanna Compton

I celebrate the tanginess of your gruntly curves,

amorphous, as sweetly pronounced as the hush

of pampas grass. I enthuse about you.

Watch me rotate it with this toggle made

of syllables. I want to be accommodating,

concise as water. When you don your armor,

shiny as a Corvette, I ping all over the place;

I chew faster and with a bawdy smack.

The days you are gone waver like goldenrod savannahs

replete with polecats instead of the big tawny ones.

Am I imposing again, repositing the denim fantasy,

the one we’ve mocked of all its flavor?

Wring it again. The optics are still pristine,

the audio sharp as architecture.

from Brink

Brink (Bloof Books, 2013)