Guidelines & FAQ

The Quotidian Bee is seeking to reprint single poems from published (or soon to be published) books, chapbooks, anthologies, and magazines, as a way of drawing attention to those publications. We are particularly interested in the work of small presses and poems that have not yet appeared online. We are not a venue for first-serial publication.

To offer your poems, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Send one poem in PDF format (this preserves spacing and formatting) to quotidian bee at bloof books dot com. We are also accepting short reviews of recent small press books and chapbooks, with a single poem quoted in full as part of the review.
  2. Include publication history and link: the name of the book, chapbook, anthology, or print magazine, and a link to where that object may be purchased or preordered. (If forthcoming, please include future publication date.) The idea is that our readers should be able to click through from your poem to purchase the volume in which in appears.
  3. Include a bio note. This may include additional links.
  4. Poems may be offered for consideration by either the author or the publisher.
  5. NO “REJECTIONS” WILL BE SENT. We will notify you if your poem is featured as a daily selection. We can’t feature every poem we receive, but we aim to provide as wide a look at small press publishing, poem by poem, as our format allows, so we will periodically feature roundups pointing to publications that have not been highlighted as individual posts. If you have not been notified, your poem is still in the hopper and could appear as a feature or roundup at any time. Please limit pending submissions to no more than 4 poems.

Please note: Our formatting options for presenting poems are somewhat limited by Medium’s CSS, which overrides custom spacing even if we code it in. We will sometimes need to present a complex poem as an image (example), or with best-compromise alternatives (such as a row of dots to approximate spacing, example).

To keep up with weekdaily poems, follow us here at Medium, or follow Bloof Books on Twitter or Facebook. Sometimes we also highlight them at Instagram. Once a month (or less), we send out an email newsletter.