settings for these scenes

Genevieve Kaplan

Excerpted from settings for these scenes
Available from Convulsive Editions

Genevieve Kaplan’s first book of poetry, In the ice house (Red Hen Press 2011), won the 2009 A Room of Her Own Foundation to the Lighthouse poetry prize. Her poems, essays, and reviews have appeared in numerous print and online journals, including Poecology, Western Humanities Review, Gulf Coast, and H_NGM_N. Since 2003, she has edited the Toad Press International chapbook series, publishing contemporary translations of poetry and prose. For more, visit her on the web at The Forest and The Trees.

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For these scenes, trees, grew. Everything tended, itself. There was, a, plate, a, bowl, a, tall, red, flower. A, still, dark, night. A, voice.
settings for these scenes (Convulsive Editions, 2013)