That Outfit Is Smart Because It References Pamela Des Barres

Gina Abelkop

I walk

like a bent eye

On the road
at night

I pass

them by ….. Soft
statues lit artificial

to wait

Solicitous eye
passing through
with bad face ….. Acrid breath

dead flower smell dead

flower water
in the vase

….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. Purple atop

I give in to my bed
to my dog
licking blood from blue sheets

try to write the dream
where I paid

in credit

at the 1940s store

left with three big hats baby
blue leather shoes ….. Embarrassed
to go home


I’d only traveled back
to shop ….. Truthfully

that is what I’d do ….. What else
would I do

but meet people

Feel the difference

in the air ….. shop

From I Eat Cannibals
Available from co•im•press
& Small Press Distribution

Gina Abelkop is the author of I Eat Cannibals (, 2014), Darling Beastlettes (Apostrophe Books, 2012) and Trollops in Love (dancing girl press, 2011). She is the founder and editor of Birds of Lace, a DIY feminist press born in 2005 and currently based in Athens, GA.

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I Eat Cannibals (co•im•press, 2014)