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A Campaign of Lies: Warren, Buttigieg and Campaign Purity

Elizabeth Warren is particular toxic and nasty when it comes to Pete Buttigieg. Maybe it’s because he’s stealing attention from her. Maybe it’s because he’s a moderate. Maybe she doesn’t want a gay man in the White House. Whatever the reason she’s on the warpath and he’s her main target. If she were a conservative her attacks would be suspected as rank prejudice.

It’s true she’s nasty and toxic toward most people, but something about Buttigieg really sends her back up and the hissing commences, even if she has to falsify facts to do so, and often in the most petty way.

Warren is trying to present herself as the holy and pure “progressive” (she’s rather regressive, but that’s for another day). So when a couple in California threw a fund raiser for Buttigieg at their winery Warren launched into exaggerated and false claims about Buttigieg saddling up to the wealthy. Of course, there are plenty of wealthy people who donated to Warren’s campaign and, in spite of her lies, her son and her grandchild have attended pricey private schools — ah the life of the rich and famous, especially when faking being “one of the people.”

Really this sort of “class warfare” is so — I’m tempted to say “last century” which reveals my age, but it‘s actually from the century before. It may resonate with old Marxists but hating people for meeting Warren’s definition of wealthy — which somehow never includes herself though she is a multi-millionaire — is hardly civilized. Every petty authoritarian uses hate of the “elite” as a justification for their power grab. Hitler did it by blaming “wealthy Jews,” Stalin did it, Castro did it, and Chavez did it. Even Trump did it. It’s standard power-grab material for second-rate politicians.

Warren whined, regarding Buttigieg, “Billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president of the United States,” falsely portraying the fundraiser as a gathering of billionaires. She even invented details of the event to make her smear sound true by claiming they had $900 bottles of wine.

The couple who threw the fundraiser called Warren out for falsifying facts. They said as far as they know not a single “billionaire” attended the event and the most expensive single bottle of wine they sell is $350 but it wasn’t on the menu for the fundraiser. Warren shrieked at Buttigieg, “I do not sell access to my time.” That’s another lie. The New York Times reported, “Warren wooed wealthy donors for years” and stockpiled the money for use in this campaign!

Warren would gather millionaires and billionaires for a met and greet. For a hefty donation they could cozy up with the Senator and push their favorite agenda. Yes, Warren sold access to wealthy donors. Earlier this year she claimed herself holier than all the rest and said she would shun “big donations.” Too late, it was a con she pulled, a publicity stunt to falsely present her as apart from the rest.

As the Times notes Warren only did this AFTER she sold access to the wealthy and squirreled away millions for her campaign. For years Warren cuddled with the elite she now damns and built up funds in her bank account, funds now being used to falsely present her as different from the rest of the politicians. The Times wrote:

The open secret of Ms. Warren’s campaign is that her big-money fund-raising through 2018 helped lay the foundation for her anti-big-money run for the presidency. Last winter and spring, she transferred $10.4 million in leftover funds from her 2018 Senate campaign to underwrite her 2020 run, a portion of which was raised from the same donor class she is now running against.

They described one exclusive fundraiser Warren had before her fake Damascus Road conversion, the proceeds of which are now being spent on her presidential run. It was organized by Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell who “recruited donors to attend an intimate fund-raising dinner for Ms. Warren last year at Barclay Prime, a Philadelphia steakhouse where the famed cheesesteak goes for $120. (The dish includes Wagyu rib-eye, foie gras, truffled cheese whiz and a half-bottle of champagne.)”

In addition, Warren herself hosted a fundraiser at a winery in Boston for big money donors in 2018, where she sold access to donors willing to pay more. They could have a private VIP photo reception with Warren and special seating. It had Melissa Etheridge performing for the well heeled donors. Mother Jones reports: “The fundraiser also included a VIP photo reception and premium seating for donors who contributed or raised $5,400 per couple or $2,700 a person, the AP reported. That’s a fancy fundraiser with better access for bigger donors, the kind of thing most American politicians do all the time.”

The only difference is Warren raised the money for one campaign and is now spending it on a very different one—a bit of bait-and-switch on her part. She raised funds to thrust herself into the public spotlight, banked the money, announced her newfound political virginity, and then started spending the funds from the wealthy on her presidential campaign. When Rendell raised funds from the well-off for her he got a glowing thank you note, when he did it for Joe Biden the hypocritical Warren denounced it as “a swanky private fund-raiser for wealthy donors.” It was that, just like the one Warren had Rendell sponsor for her!

Warren tries to misuse “averages” to deceive the public. She claims the “average” donation to her campaign is just $30. But lots of candidates push for a huge number of tiny donations to push down the “average” but it’s the well off and the millionaires who provide a lion’s share of the revenue.

Before her PR stunt she courted the billionaires and sold access like the rest of them:

“In Florida, [Warren] was hosted for an event by the billionaires Henry and Marsha Laufer. In New York, Meyer S. Frucher, the vice chairman of Nasdaq, held a reception for her. She was hosted by the “Lost” creator Damon Lindelof and his wife, Heidi, in Southern California. The philanthropist Stephen M. Silberstein had Ms. Warren over to his San Francisco-area home. And as late as the fall of 2018, she visited Silicon Valley, where Karla Jurvetson, a multimillion-dollar Democratic contributor, hosted an event for her.”

Politico reported while Warren is raking the wealthy over the coals in public, “her campaign treasurer and another close ally are organizing wealthy supporters for Warren behind the scenes while she rips on the rich. They are also working on another fraud Warren plans to perpetrate if she wins the nomination — they recruit the millionaires and billionaires to fund the Democratic Party. Instead of giving the funds directly to Warren during her campaign they give it to the party, which spends it on Warren’s behalf. Warren can’t be seen meeting with these well-off donors directly so she has two top campaign officials, Paul Egerman, a multimillionaire himself, and Shanti Fry, traveling the country and holding these meeting in private, while damning Buttigieg for not having his fundraisers public events. It’s selling access by proxy.

One friend of the Egerman says the change in campaign roles—he was in charge of fundraising and is now called a finance chair, doesn’t mean, “they’re not asking people for substantial donations” and noted his own wife handed over a check for $2,800 when Egerman asked. That was done in private and Warren was no where to be see so the illusion of her political purity can be maintained.

Warren has her financial assets covered either way, while continuing the sham she doesn’t rely on big money. She is running a campaign for the nomination heavily funded with money she previously raised from the very people she is now pretending have nothing to do with her campaign. She sold her virtue before, reclaimed political virginity, and is now spending those funds while pretending the funds are from the “little people.” And, she’s lining up the millionaires and billionaires to pour money into party organizations to fund her general election campaign through the back door if she wins the nomination. That will allow her to keep up the charade until election day. Either way she is as mendacious as the man she hopes to replace.

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James Peron

James Peron

James Peron is the president of the Moorfield Storey Institute, was the founding editor of Esteem a LGBT publication in South Africa under apartheid.