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Betraying Women, Liberty and Limited Government

Forced pregnancy is involuntary servitude.

The theocratic authoritarians who dominate the Supreme Court are about to impose involuntary servitude on all women. An opinion written by Alito argues, they must “return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.” So politicians will have control of women’s bodies but not the women themselves.

This strips the property rights a woman has in her own body from her and gives it to the states instead. It is a destruction of private rights replacing them with central planning by the state. It is ultimately a form of socialism or communism. It nationalizes the means of reproduction and makes it a state owned enterprise and not a matter of individual choice.

A woman can be pressed into involuntary servitude, in violation of the 13th amendment, which says involuntary servitude shall not be allowed to exist except as punishment for a crime. Between 600 and 700 women per year die while giving birth. Mandating that women serve as involuntary incubators and bring a fetus to term does not only enslave them to the benefit of others but it puts their lives at risk.

It then imposes a long-term obligation on these women to care for and raise the child who develops. One reason women are obligated to care for children today is they choose to carry a pregnancy to term and create another human who is dependent on them. If that is not their choice they can’t be said to be contractually or morally obligated to care for the child.

In addition let us be clear that in spite of the arguments that will be presented the real reason for overturning the rights of women in reproductive choice is religious fanaticism. The serial sexual assaulter Donald Trump has NO respect for women or their rights. In reality he has no respect for anyone’s rights only his whims and wants like most pathological Narcissists.

But he appointed Justices with one goal in mind, to twist the constitution and strip choice from women — which is precisely what he has done to women his entire life. Trump saw women as something for him to use, abuse and throw out, so a constitutional ruling that does that is no problem for him.

But Trump is not religious. The only god he worships is the one he adores in the mirror every morning. As for Jesus and the Trinity he spits on them in practice while letting drooling, ignorant evangelicals lay hands on him while babbling in incoherent tongues.

Their motivation is religion and to buy their support, so Trump could get the one thing he wanted — power over others — he gave them the Supreme Court. These are the one group of people in America with utter contempt for the life, liberty, and property of others. Stripping women of rights was always high on their agenda.

Immigrants, gays, trans individuals, Muslims, and others are on their theological hit list — or is that hate list. Today they come for the rights of women. In the name of their mythological deity and their desire to establish “Godly rule” the rights of others are next — perhaps your rights.


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James Peron

James Peron

James Peron is the president of the Moorfield Storey Institute, was the founding editor of Esteem a LGBT publication in South Africa under apartheid.

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