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For Me, a Major Decision

Tonight the evidence I’ve seen over the last few years compels me to do something I never imagined would happen — at the next opportunity I have I will change my voter’s registration to Democrat from independent.

It’s a small gesture at best but the Republican party has become so vicious, vile and hateful — so authoritarian and anti-liberty in all senses of the word — I have to make clear my opposition to that klavern of morons, bigots and hypocrites and that I am utterly opposed to their agenda.

For the bulk of my life I assumed the two major parties were both flawed albeit in different ways. But in spite of the flaws each had areas where there were pretty good, just inconsistently.

Well the GOP has become a lot more consistent, all in the wrong direction. They are no longer a party of mixed premises, today they are a party of evil premises.

I assume I will not live long enough to see their demise — and hopefully won’t live long enough to see our nation’s demise because of them. But while I live I will oppose them every day I breath. They are the antithesis of all the libertarian values I hold.

Long ago they gave up any pretense of free markets and economic liberty. Now they demand all economic rights be subjected to their hateful, theocratic social agenda. If you are still a Republican then you haven’t been paying attention.

As for that pathetic excuse of party — the Libertarian Party — it was never run well enough to go anywhere and now it is taken over by Republicans pretending to be libertarians. They aren’t even semi-decent Republicans but of the DeSantis/Abbott school of hate and bigotry. The LP deserves to wither away and under the leadership of the clowns who now control it that is precisely what it will do.

I don’t know if I will reach the stage where I will send donations to the Democrats but the GOP has to be stopped. They are goose stepping this country into open, religiously-motivated fascism.

Goldwater warned his party what would happen if the GOP welcomed in the Religious Right. He was right — just far more than he imagined. They were 100 times worse than what he expected.

I saw the raw hate of evangelicals when I went to their schools and college — which is one reason I got as far away from them as I could. But they have become more public with their hate and far more open about their agenda. They are spitting on the Constitution, they appeal to the stupidest and most bigoted elements of American culture. They would be happy to be lobotomizing gay people, imposing Jim Crow and holding book burnings to celebrate the 4th of July — all the time calling these measures part and parcel of liberty.

Their view of liberty is they have the right to engage in private and state violence against anyone their preachers tell them is demonic. And the list of the demon-possessed is virtually endless with them. It is everyone and anyone who isn’t part of their cult.

It’s a small step I’m taking in the grand scheme of things but it utterly unimaginable to me. I never thought things would get so bad that it was necessary.

Now, Trump is out in the dump but the GOP is just pushing more toxic versions of him as his replacement. Trump was utterly incompetent and his narcissism meant he was constantly off on tirades about inconsequential things. The GOP is sniffing around DeSantis who is Trump the Second but without the worst traits of narcissism.

That means DeSantis will be more focused in his drive to stamp out individual rights. He has no hesitation to shit on the free market in order to impose his white Christian nationalism. He will attack private business if they don’t obey him by hating the people DeSantis hates. Trump was unfocused but DeSantis will be focused in his attacks on freedom. That means he has a better chance of destroying America than Trump ever had.

The ONLY possible opposition capable of stopping him is the Democratic Party. And if that is our only hope for semi-decent government then that is where I need to be.


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James Peron

James Peron is the president of the Moorfield Storey Institute, was the founding editor of Esteem a LGBT publication in South Africa under apartheid.