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Supreme Court Turns Every Uterus into State Property

The corrupt conservative Justices on the Supreme Court today did what we knew they would do from the start. They stripped away reproductive freedom for women, and turned their bodies into government property. Now a group of blathering, evangelical Republicans — with their mistresses and pageboys bent over desks — can act holier-than-thou by making individual bodily control illegal and turning it over to the state. What previously, at least in this regard, was the individual’s property, has become government property.

The thing that is clear is this ruling HAD NOTHING to do with the facts of the case before the court. These “Justices” were nominated by the Authoritarian Trump for one purpose only — to strip away a woman’s rights. Trump bragged he could “grab a pussy” and get away with it. Well, he just grabbed all of them.

These fake judges, with their predetermined positions, used a case as an excuse, they didn’t rule based on the evidence in the case. They already knew how they would rule before there was a case. The case was only chosen as an excuse to justify a ruling they intended to make all along.

Every uterus is now effectively state property — if socialism is the conversion of private property into state property then Republicans today are the most radical socialists in office. Bernie Sanders can go back to “the home” where he belongs, he’s been unemployed by bigger socialists than himself.

The typical fallacy of the Religious Right is at play here. They won’t make abortion disappear; they will just kill women along the way. And evangelicals will applaud those deaths when they happen. They will cheer every woman maimed with a coat hanger. Why? Because they believe sex is sin and people who sin deserve to suffer.

The evangelical is a hateful creature. They believe certain things are sinful — particularly when other people are doing them — and have consequences. As they love to invoke, “the wages of sin is death” and the more who die the better. It’s “God’s judgment” they will intone even as they are tying their victims to the stake they fashioned. To the born again brigade these evil sinners are getting what they deserve: pain, suffering, torment and if the evangelical lucks out, death.

When the consequences of an action aren’t vicious enough to arouse the evangelical they will insist the state step in and make them worse. The reality is that for many of them God’s “judgment” isn’t severe enough to satisfy their lust for cruelty. They want to make the consequences as bad as humanely possible. Of course, when one of their corrupt televangelists, his pockets lined with the cash of morons, gets caught doing something similar he only has to shed a fake tear and assure his followers how he’s been forgiven — even if he gets caught multiple times. Nothing makes them feel so superior as the suffering of others.

Here are three posts this page has done on reproductive freedom.

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James Peron

James Peron

James Peron is the president of the Moorfield Storey Institute, was the founding editor of Esteem a LGBT publication in South Africa under apartheid.