The Demented Politics of the New Zealand Terrorist

James Peron
Mar 15, 2019 · 8 min read
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Note: We are using the words of the terrorist in New Zealand to describe his fascistic agenda. This is by no means an endorsement, quite the contrary; we find his position the antithesis of what this page is all about.

The terrorist attack by white supremacists in New Zealand is horrific. We are still awaiting details but the estimated death toll is now 49 with dozens injured.

What we know is that a group of individuals attacked two mosques in Christchurch. The instigator of the attack posted online he was about to attack “the invaders.” He said:

Well lads, it’s time to stop shitposting and time to make a real life effort post.
I will carry out and attack against the invaders, and will even live stream the attack via facebook.
The facebook link is below, by the time you read this I should be going live.
(Link deleted)
It’s been a long ride and despite all your rampant faggotry, slur, fecklessness and degeneracy, you are all top blokes and the best bunch of cobbers a man could ask for.

In the attack on the Linwood mosque, where ten were killed, the terrorists were surprised when an individual in the mosque returned fire on them. The armed congregant chased the attackers away, but apparently they had already killed 10 people. The New Zealand Herald reported:

A second shooting happened at a mosque in the Linwood area of the city.

One Friday prayer goer returned fire with a rifle or shotgun.

Witnesses said they heard multiple gunshots around 1.45pm.

A well known Muslim local chased the shooters and fired two shots at them as they sped off.

He was heard telling police officers he was firing in “self defence”.

At the second mosque there were no armed congregants and the shooting lasted longer and resulted in about three times the death rate.

Update: More details on the Linwood attack have come to light since this was written. The congregant managed to wrestle a gun away from the attacker and gave chase to him. This information was NOT available at the time this was written. The New Zealand Herald’s new report on this is here.

The manifesto left by the terrorist — whose name I don’t think deserves mentioning — is a mishmash of ideas. He calls himself an “Eco-fascist,” one who combines environmentalism, racism and authoritarianism into one repulsive package. In his mind the world is dying from over-population, but over-population of the “wrong” kind. He hates capitalism, free markets, and free trade but he loves the Communist Chinese government and fascism. He takes the racist rhetoric of Donald Trump and mixes it with Marxist rhetoric about the poor workers of the world.

In his fevered imagination alleged “over population” is directly tied to “mass immigration” and “sub-replacement fertility” among whites. The culprits who deserve the blame, he says, are the “corporate entities” who “invited” immigrants to “replace the White people.” It’s Paul Ehrlich meets Adolph Hitler, Bernie Sanders in cahoots with Benito Mussolini.

He says global warming and immigration:

…Are the same issue, the environment is being destroyed by over population, we Europeans are one of the groups that are not over populating the world. The invaders are the ones over populating the world. Kill the invaders, kill the overpopulation and by doing so save the environment.

He calls for a form of “Green Nationalism” which will save the planet by stopping “the continued destruction of the natural environment itself through mass immigration and uncontrolled urbanization, whilst offering no true solution to either issue.”

Hate Crimes and Terrorism

He readily admits to being a terrorist and openly stated an often-unacknowledged purpose of hate crimes. In January, I wrote here hate crimes serve two purposes: “One is to hurt the random victims at hand, the other is to threaten, intimidate and traumatize everyone like them.” I argued there are two sets of victims and two different crimes, each of which deserves punishment. One is the direct attack on a victim or victims, while the second is “to inflict trauma on the wider class of victims, it does just that. It is a threat, a form of intimidation against every member of the class. It is a form of terrorism.”

This terrorist admitted as much, the purpose of his hate crime was to intimidate all immigrants, not just to kill a select few. He wrote a list of goals for his terror attack and one was: “To directly reduce immigration rates to European lands by intimidating and physically removing the invaders themselves.”

Why He Used Guns

A secondary goal was to goad individuals on the Left into pushing for gun control. He says he chose to use guns in order to push precisely that agenda in order to “create conflict between the two ideologies within the United States.” He believes if the Left can be pushed into trying to weaken Second Amendment rights this will splinter the country, resulting in “a civil war that will eventually balkanize the US along political, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines.”

He wants Americans divided and wanted to use his armed attack as a way of doing this. By pitting the nation against itself he claimed the result would be “racial separation of the people within the United States ensuring the future of the White race on the North American continent, but also ensuring the death of the ‘melting pot’ pipe dream.”

In his manifesto he said he had various choices of weapons but chose guns because anti-Second Amendment activists would assure his crime got extra media attention. He hoped to pressure them to “seek to abolish the second amendment” in order to rip the country apart. In a part where he asks himself question he asked: “Won’t your attack result in calls for the removal of gun rights from Whites in the United States?” His answer: “Yes, that is the plan all along…”

His Enemies are Diversity, Individualism and Capitalism

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This criminal says he was motivated by seeing “invaders” take over France — by which he means Muslims. The other was his rabid hatred for French President Emmanuel Macron. The alleged problem with Macron is he’s “a globalist, capitalist, egalitarian, an ex-investment banker was (sic) no national beliefs other than the pursuit of profit.”

The criminal killer said he will be called a fascist but that’s okay with him.

For once, the person that will be called a fascist, is an actual fascist…

I mostly agree with Sir Oswald Mosley’s [founder the British Union of Fascists, 1932–1940] and consider myself an Eco-fascist by nature.

The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China. [Communist China]

He said he admired Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose” but not as “a policy maker and leader.” If anything he sounds more like Bernie Sanders claiming he’s for worker “ownership of the means of production” depending “on who those workers are, their intents, who currently owns the means of production, their intents and who currently owns the state, and its intents.”

He said another influence on him was Candace Owens of the right-wing campus group Turning Point, USA. “Each time she spoke I was stunned by her insights and her own views helped push me further and further into the belief of violence over meekness.” He did not go into details here.

He buys entirely into the populist imagery of Trump, Sanders and others on both Right and Left, describing modern politics as “rule by our enemies. The global and corporate ran press controls them” and the state is run by “corporate backers” with an anti-white agenda.

When he asked himself if he blames immigrants and not capitalists, he writes, “I blame both, and plan to deal with both.” He claims, “The natural environment is industrialized, pulverized and commoditized.”

Western culture is trivialized, pulped and blended into a smear of meaningless nothing, with the only tenets and beliefs seemingly held to are the myth of the individual, the value of work (productivity for the benefit of your capitalist owners) and the sovereignty of property (to ensure none of us get grand ideas of taking the unearned wealth of our owners.)

In the end, he says nothing “has been conserved other than corporate profits and the the (sic) ever increasing wealth of the 1% that exploit the people for their own benefit.”

He attacks the idea of diversity, “Diversity is not strength. Unity, purpose, trust, traditions, nationalism and racial nationalism is what provides strength.” Along with diversity other enemies of his social order is “consumerism and individualism, where every individual is a competitor and the rights of the individual override all notions of responsibility. In this hell the individual is all and the race is worthless….”

He attacks the United States directly: “In the United States, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, the cult of the individual has been practiced for the longest time and with the deepest devotion.” He makes clear why individualism is evil to him, it leads to what he says is a “deracialized” culture. Abandon the herd, embrace the individual and you stop being racist — that’s why he hates individualism.

As he sees it this means the West is a world where “an individual in a society worshiping the cult of the individual” is unable to repel “an influx of outsiders” who have the herd mentality he says white Westerners must adopt for themselves. He sees the West dying because “individualist insanity.”

Blame the Capitalists

Everything comes downs to immigrants and their destruction of the environment, according to this killer. The reason we have the problem with immigrants, he says, is corporate capitalism. “The economic elites …line their pockets with the profit received from our own ethnic replacement These greed-filled bastards expect to replace our people with a race of low intellect, low agency, muddled, muddied masses just so their own wealth and power can increase.”

This really does remind of the tirade Bernie Sanders released when he damned open immigration as “a Koch brothers proposal.” Vox said Sander argued it’s a “right-wing scheme meant to flood the US with cheap labor and depress wages of native-born workers.” This is fundamentally what the terrorist in New Zealand is saying as well.

He makes the enemy of his fascist society clear: “If an ethnocentric European future is to be achieved global free markets and the trade of goods is to be discouraged at all costs.” He apparently thinks his master race is incapable of competing in world markets: “A Europe of nature, culture and sustainable living practicing will not be able to ever compete in the global market.” He and Trump seem to agree, “Barring the importation of all goods produced outside the New European zone (the new Western world) is an essential pillar of the future Western economy.”

One of the saddest ironies out all of this is New Zealand is currently ruled by a Labour government coalition, one that embraces meany of the claims made by the terrorist himself. The Labour government is anti-capitalist, anti-corporate, and entered into a coalition government with an anti-immigration party known as New Zealand First. They went so far as to make the vile leader of that party the Deputy Prime Minister in their government. And that is something for which Prime Minister Jacida Ardern should be made to answer.

This is part of a three part series. Part one The Demented Politics of the New Zealand Terrorist covers the doctrines and hate espoused by the Christchurch terrorist. Part two, Trump, Hate and Terror covers the rhetoric of Donald Trump and how he and the terrorist are echo chambers using the same language. Part three is New Zealand’s Prime Minister Helped Promote Hate for Immigrants, which shows how Labour entered a coalition with right-wing anti-immigrant nationalists.

The Radical Center

A blog for the Moorfield Storey Institute: a liberaltarian…

James Peron

Written by

James Peron is the president of the Moorfield Storey Institute, was the founding editor of Esteem a LGBT publication in South Africa under apartheid.

The Radical Center

A blog for the Moorfield Storey Institute: a liberaltarian think tank.

James Peron

Written by

James Peron is the president of the Moorfield Storey Institute, was the founding editor of Esteem a LGBT publication in South Africa under apartheid.

The Radical Center

A blog for the Moorfield Storey Institute: a liberaltarian think tank.

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