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The Hyenas Turn on Dave Rubin

Some time ago a gay commentator found fame and fortune by snuggling up with conservatives. Dave Rubin didn’t just snuggle up with them; he promoted them and got cozy with the worst of the lot — including white supremacists such as Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern. He became one of the “token gays” and was showered with goodies for defecting to the hate-mongers. Of course, Rubin tried to cover his ass by claiming he’s really libertarian — the go-to excuse when a conservative is trying to pretend they aren’t really as bad as they sound. Other times he says he’s a conservative — apparently he’s whatever is convenient at the time. But then consistency is not one of his virtues.

The problem is these traitors to individual rights don’t realize the wild pack of bigoted dogs will eventually turn on them as well. It’s a very narrow tightrope sell-outs have to maneuver to keep the praise, cash and fame rolling in.

Rubin is in a relationship and he and his husband have announced they are having a child via surrogacy. The second he did the yelping and howling commenced. The repulsive Milo Yiannopoulos wants Rubin out of the way so he can try to get back on the cash wagon again — he was dumped long ago. This clown tweeted out that Rubin and his husband should be “executed” and called surrogacy “legalized child trafficking. Of course, if surrogacy is “child trafficking” so is adoption, but consistency and logic are not traits respected on the Right.

The Twitter sphere is now ablaze with the most vile pieces of hate speech you could witness, all aimed at a gay man who thought he could claim equal rights for himself while working so hard to deny them to others. One set of evangelical talking heads called Rubin and his husband “that pedophile couple trafficking kids.” Such vicious lies are common in evangelical circles where the motto is “they’ll know we are Christians by our hate.” They went on to say the only thing Rubin and his husband will produce is debauchery and AIDS. Forgive me but I always saw debauchery as an evangelical pastime, especially for the preachers in mega churches.

If you think about it this assault on Rubin by the haters you’ll quickly see it is a ruse for an attack on the rights of all people. Most surrogacy isn’t done for the benefit of gay couples, it’s heterosexual couples who are most likely to use a surrogate. This attack on Rubin is broadly an attack on surrogacy for anyone, not just same-sex couples. The argument egg donors are being “commodified” would equally apply to sperm donors.

Consider the can of worms the Right would open if they actually got the rubbish passed into law that every child has a “right” to “a mom and a dad.” What happens when God kills off a parent in a car accident, or with cancer, or a heart attack? My father died in his 30s and I watched him take his last breath as a heart attack killed him. Did “God” violate my rights? How would my “right” to two parents be enforced? Would my brothers and I been forcibly removed from home and given to another couple? Or would we have been put into a home run by the state until these “rights” could be enforced? If having two opposite-sex parents is a right, as conservative drone on about, how is that right enforced?

For the right wing PragerU Rubin recently argued tolerance is not a virtue of liberals, but a conservative virtue and liberals are hypocrites.

Incredibly, the left isn’t even tolerant of the very people they say they’re tolerant of!

If you’re gay, or black, or an immigrant, and you’re not in lockstep with current leftist orthodoxy, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

He dug himself further into a hole claiming: “So, let me ask the question again: Who is tolerant?

Well, here’s the surprise: It’s actually those “scary” right-wingers that the media and the universities demonize every day.

I speak from personal experience.

He claimed, “I’ve consistently found conservatives to be tolerant and open-minded,” while asserting that others only pretend to be tolerant as long as you agree with them.

What changed? When Rubin was praising the Right for being so tolerant, as his “personal experience” proved, he was seen by them are largely being a good servant doing their bidding. But the moment he announced the surrogacy they viciously turned on him.

You get in bed with dogs you can easily wake with fleas, but you can also have those dogs savagely dig their teeth into your neck. I will defend Rubin’s rights, but I will also note he brought the pack of hyenas on himself. He’s been throwing them snacks and treats for years.

He attracted them into a vicious circle and as long as he played the obedient useful idiot he was left alone. They even brought other wild dogs to witness the spectacle. But Rubin asserted his rights, instead of happily accepting the back of the bus, where conservatives have assigned multiple groups they despise.

The moment Rubin and his husband took seats at the front of the bus the braying began and the pack turned vicious. Now, to a large extent Rubin brought this on himself. He is the one who sold his soul for 20 pieces of silver. So he is quite literally complicit in the attacks on himself. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t defend his assertion of his rights — we should — we just shouldn’t feel sorry for him.

If we feel sorry for anyone, it should be for those victimized by these packs of Bible-beating hyenas who were encouraged on by Rubin and those like him.


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James Peron

James Peron

James Peron is the president of the Moorfield Storey Institute, was the founding editor of Esteem a LGBT publication in South Africa under apartheid.