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The Cult Behind Trump

If you saw the worshippers at the Trump rally praising their Lord and Savior you might have noticed an odd, relatively small group, called Blacks for Trump. Curious. Not only that, but the group openly solicits donations to illegal be used for Trump’s election by laudering the funds illegally though a non-profit.

It gets more curious if you look closely at their signs which have a url for god2come dot com, which then links to another site honestfact dot com. The latter is neither honest nor factual, it’s absolutely off the wall insanity, cultism and conspiracy theory. It is also relatively incoherent. For instance:

Got that, I doubt it. It an incoherent rant. If the person is worried about the FBI making them “look crazy” they needn’t worry, it’s already too late. It gets more incoherent and bizarre:

Can you say mentally disturbed, boys and girls?

I can’t wait for Trump to point them as more of “my blacks” and brag, because these people are wacko, insane.

They advertise that if people want to send “Big Donations” to them to campaign for Trump they can “get Tax write offs” by donating to “Boss Group Ministries.” In fact, that is entirely illegal. Non-profits which are tax deductible can’t be fronts for candidates, not even those run by the mentally disturbed. As to why “Boss” it supposedly means Brothers of Superior Status.

Consider this for a minute. This organization is given prominent positioning at Trump rallies with their signs sending people to their site to illegally donate to the group to campaign for Trump, by laundering the money through a non-profit organization. That’s criminal. (We will post a photo of the solicitation from their site at the bottom, it’s a long rambling appeal.)

You have to wonder what is going on with “Boss Group Ministries.” I found in 2016 two bodies were found at a house the sect owned. One 51-year-old man was found there when his cousin, who hadn’t seen him in two months went to the sect-owned property looking for him. He couldn’t get an answer and kicked in the door finding the rotting corpse of his cousin. Then the “ministry” had a party at the home where the corpse was found called “Fuck What Happens Tonight.”

Neighbors called police since the party was loud and annoying and when police arrived shots rang out inside the home. Inside one man was found shot to death and four others were injured.

At multiple Trump events, the Trump campaign has conspicuously put members of this cult in visible positions behind the president, in a vain attempt to prove he really does have the love and admiration of the black community. The man in the photo above is the cult leader, who uses multiple names like every good con artist. Sometimes he claims to be Maurice Symonette, or Maurice Woodside, Mikael Israel, or “Michael the Black Man.” As he told one radio station his goal is to “get the message out, tell people what’s going on with Democrats and the Cherokee Indians that are absolutely destroying the black man and the white man of America.” And I was worried about the Illuminati, and here it was the Cherokees all along! Oh, just in case you were wondering, he says the Cherokees run the Klan as well.

He alleged that President Obama, Hillary Clinton and former Sen. Al Franken are Cherokees and Senators McCain, Flake and Mitt Romey are “White hidden MORMON/CHEROKEES.” He also claimed Obama tried to have him assassinated. As for his hate for Mrs. Clinton, he explained, “One reason is because Hillary’s last name is Rodham, and their members are Rothschilds, who enslaved 13,000 slaves as collater.” Gee, you knew was going to get around to “the Jews” eventually.

He’s been arrested for racketeering, firebombing, grand theft, conspiracy in 14 murders in a previous cult he was involved with called the Temple of Love. It was run by Hulon Mitchell, Jr., or called himself Yahweh ben Yahweh. Mitchell or Yahweh was convicted, but Woodside/Symonette got off.

Symonette incoherently claimed:

Symonette has regularly appeared at Trump rallies and often being given prominent displays, even after the White House was told of his cult and his past. Clearly all Trump worries about is getting his Narcissistic feed.

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Below is the illegal solicitation by “Blacks for Trump” to channel campaign donations via a non-profit organization in violation of federal law.



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James Peron

James Peron

James Peron is the president of the Moorfield Storey Institute, was the founding editor of Esteem a LGBT publication in South Africa under apartheid.