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The New War on America: Treason on the Right

If there is one thing Trump has been doing it is waging war on American values and traditions and Republicans — largely now limited to fundamentalist Christians — are cheering him on. Any assault on economic of social liberty by Trump has their support. They call that “liberty.”

At the same time, Trump can do the most atrocious things, commit the worst kind of sexual “sins,” violate all standards of biblical morality, and these Moral Majoritarians still cheer him on. It was never about morality. It was never about liberty. It was always about one thing: raw authoritarian power!

Even some of the goose stepping, torch-bearing blood and soil thugs claim they are great advocates of liberty — some even besmirching the name of libertarianism in the process — much as the Auburn klavern does.

Now we have a new poll showing how fascist conservatism has become. A new Ipsos poll shows a plurality of Republicans (43%) think “the president should have the authority fo close news outlets engaged in bad behavior.” They want a dictatorship not America. They want to burn the constitution on the next flaming cross they light.

This translates into 26% of the American public. 29% of the think the media is the enemy of the American people. If you look at poll after poll and survey after survey what you will find is that Christian fundamentalisms makes up between 20–25% of the American public. These are the core of the new Republican Party. And you will find that a huge number of issues where a similar percentage—sometimes a little lower, sometimes a little higher—embrace authoritarian solutions.

Trump attacks free trade and this crowd cheers, yet under Reagan and Goldwater free trade and free markets were considered basic principles of conservatism — but that was conservatism before fundamentalism took over the GOP. Fundamentalists have NEVER believed in American values. They have never assimilated to the classical liberal values of this nation. They have always been aliens living in a strange land and yearning for the whip of authoritarianism — provided that whip is being held by a “man of God” as they imagine “the Founding Fathers wanted.”

Goldwater and Reagan praised the role of immigration in making the American experience a unique nation and a successful one. They cited the welcoming of immigrants as one of the core values of this nation. Trump spits in their face and these “conservatives” cheer. Trump snatches children from the arms of parents and builds concentration camps for them and the born again bigots bleat hosannas and hallelujahs in response.

The reality of history shows every time some would-be authoritarian comes along promising strict rule from the top fundamentalists rush out to embrace him and his cause. They do so with Trump, they did so with George Wallace. Then rushed to the racist States Rights Party of Strom Thurmond, to the violent hateful Ku Klux Klan, to the anti-immigrant Know Nothing Party. This is what Christian fundamentalism — a unique cultural movement born in the slave-holding South and unrelated to the Jesus of the New Testament — has always been.

The GOP has become the party of organized hate because it is the party of Christian fundamentalism. Goldwater is dead. Reagan is dead. Traditional conservatism is dead. Instead we have a cesspool collected around hate and authoritarianism. There is no respect for the bill of rights, no embracing of limited government — rights are an attack on Christian values and limited government is the enemy of the theocracy.

In the end it comes down to their view of humanity—we are all derelict, disgusting sinners unworthy of rights or life. All we deserve is pain and suffering both in this world and the next. And when sinners aren’t suffering enough to force them down the sawdust trail then it is the job of Christians and their government to make them miserable. They want a firm, hard government which uses the whip on the slightest of provocations. As Martin Luther put it:

“You see it is as I said, that Christians are rare people on earth. Therefore, stern, hard civil rule is necessary in the world, lest the world become wild, peace vanish and commerce and common interests be destroyed… No one need think that the world can be ruled without blood. The civil sword shall and must be red and bloody.”

The often-prescient Ayn Rand put it this way, regarding modern conservatism and what she feared it would become. “This is the spectacle of religion climbing on the bandwagon of statism, in a desperate attempt to recapture the power it lost at the time of the Renaissance.”

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