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The State of Scandinavia During Covid

New Covid Infections per day in Sweden

In some ways the Swedish experiment on Covid is over, not that the engineer of the disaster will acknowledge it. New measures were put into place and Sweden is working on changing the law to allow more stringent measures to fight Covid. The New Zealand Herald reported: “A devastating second wave has forced a dramatic rethink as infections threaten to derail any gains that were achieved by taking a now notoriously relaxed approach to the pandemic. Regions have been effectively locked down to contain a doubling of Covid-19 cases in just three weeks.”

One thing Covid Truthers continually used to excuse the high deaths was, “Wait until the second wave hits.” They argued a second wave of infections would hit other countries and Sweden would be sitting pretty due to herd immunity. In fact, the second wave is hitting and Sweden is not exempt at all. In fact, it’s doing worse than it’s immediate neighbors.

One week ago the total infection numbers for Sweden were 100,654. As of today they are 115,785, an increase of 15,131. That’s an increase of 15% in one week. New infections in Sweden are higher per day than they have been since the start of the pandemic. In comparison Norway and Finland, which combined are slightly larger than Sweden in population, reported only 3,118 new infections.

To complicate matters Sweden is again playing with their numbers and the results are bizarre. One week ago they reported total Covid deaths at 5,922 since the start of the pandemic. This week they say it is 5,918. So, even as they have the worst week in new infections they not only had zero deaths but they resurrected four dead people. This is the second time their numbers have dropped for deaths. It doesn’t make sense especially as Stockholm reported 5 additional deaths since last week.

Of the Nordic nations we track Sweden is the only one to have adjusted it numbers downward without explanation. Now and then numbers have adjusted upwards in various localities but I never heard of deaths suddenly vanishing.

Sweden shares the Scandinavia peninsula with Norway and Finland (“Finway”) with the former making up the entirety of Sweden’s western border and the later their eastern border, to the south, across the strait is Denmark but these are the only two nations with whom Sweden shares a land border. Sweden has 10.23 million residents and the other two combined have 10.88 million. So 48.5% of the occupants of the peninsula are in Sweden and 51% are in “Finway.”

Since Sweden is almost entirely surrounded by “Finway” a comparison of Covid-infections and deaths should be enlightening about how well Sweden’s policies have worked.

With 51% of the population “Finway” reports 17,006 infections to date. Sweden, with 48.5% of the population, in comparison has 115,785. Just over 87% of all Covid-infections on the penisula were in Sweden alone, an infection rate far higher than it’s population numbers alone could explain.

Even with twice having the dead rise to walk again Sweden has 5,918 deaths reported to date. “Finway” in total has 634. Just 9.7% of all Covid deaths on the peninsula took place in “Finway” while 90.3% were in Sweden. It would be higher if the unexplained vanished dead didn’t happen. Here are statistics for each of these three nations when infections and fatalities are put in terms of population, along with the percentage of infections who die.

Deaths per 100,000 population

Sweden 57.9
Norway 5.22
Finland 6.41

Infections per million population

Sweden 11,318
Norway 3.433
Finland 2,513

Fatality Rate of all Infected

Sweden 5.11%
Norway 1.51%
Finland 2.56%

Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has failed his country. The promised long-term strategy was supposedly to be less deadly than those policies in the rest of the world, but compared to it’s own closest neighbors Sweden is failing miserably. It has one of the highest infection rates, highest numbers of deaths per capita, and one of the highest fatality rates in the world. It has failed on a Trumpian scale, that’s how bad it is.


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James Peron

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