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The Twisted, Angry World of Milo

Alt-right writer Milo Yiannopoulos, his birth name is Milo Hanrahan, is one of the bigots trolling the waters of the far Right in the United States. He grew up in England, he just never matured. He was raised Catholic and learned to hate gays, including himself, as a child, a self-hatred he enthusiastically embraces to this day. He wrote he’d never be a parent because gay people shouldn’t raise children. He referred to being gay as a “horribly lonely, miserable experience” and how he is horrified at the thought “I might influence my child towards a lifestyle choice guaranteed to bring them pain and unhappiness.”

Note how he rejects the science of sexual orientation and asserts it is simply a “lifestyle choice.” He tells his right-wing readers he simply chose to be gay — which is what they want to hear. The reason he chose to be gay was simple: he didn’t want to be around women because they are awful human beings.

“Most of the reason I went gay is so I didn’t have to deal with nutty broads. Imagine how much worse they’re going to get when the passive aggressive manipulation tactics stop working because the guy can get himself off with a thinner, hotter robot any time he wants to. They’re going to go mental. In the West, women are surging ahead into positions of dominance in the media, the arts, academia, politics, you name it. Some people will find this offensive, but: matriarchy is a problem for the rest of us.”

He claimed women are pushing men out of their jobs so:

“you can say good-bye to all of society’s best astrophysicists, mathematicians, philosophers, composers and chess players. Scientific progress will effectively stall, because men are just as happy beating a video game as they are solving the riddles of the universe — and they’ll take the entertainment option if they have no interest in impressing women. Women will not take men’s places in these disciplines, because there simply aren’t enough women with IQs over 120.”

It’s women — especially feminists — who forced poor Milo to “choose” to be gay, though sometimes he blames his parents, as we shall see.

He wrote, “Is being homosexual ‘wrong’? Something inside of me says Yes.” This, he says, means “feelings of alienation and rejection it engenders are responsible for the sorts of repugnant tribal posturing you see on the streets of Soho on a Friday night, as bitterly unhappy queers engage in degrading and repulsive behaviour.” (When it comes to “degrading and repulsive behavior” Yiannopoulos takes first place.) He writes “it’s so easy for kids to choose deviant sexualities just to annoy the parents. (This is a particular problem with lesbians.)”

Yiannopoulos has gone so far as to claim he chose to be gay to hurt his parents. “I’ll never forget the precise moment I chose to be gay. It was the endpoint in a process of rebellion against my white middle-class parents…Today, thanks to society’s endless mollycoddling and celebration of ‘alternative’ lifestyles, the joy of rebellion is drying up for me. You see, I only plumped for homosexuality to irritate my parents.” So, if he didn’t “choose” to be gay to express hate for his parents, he did it to express hatred of women.

He tells us children must be directed away from being gay because, “Who wouldn’t want to protect a child from a path that leads to such destructive self-loathing?”

Stop for one second and consider that. Most gay people I know, or have known, are not consumed with “destructive self-loathing.” No doubt some are, most are not. But, Yiannopoulos seems to think they are. Why is that? I suggest he is projecting his own self-hatred on others. The “destructive self-loathing” he assumes to be commonplace is merely the dominant emotion he has to grapple with on a daily basis. Given his low views of gay people in general, his self-loathing is entirely sensible. His premises are bad so his emotional reactions to them are even worse.

His language toward gays in general reflect his own intense self-loathing: “All these preening poofs in public life do is make life more difficult for regular young gay people by reinforcing the stereotypes about gay behaviour: reminding a struggling child’s myopic dad that queers are uppity, in-your-face, camp-as-tits faggots who’ll rape you as soon as look at you. …” He insists, however, “I don’t hate myself and I don’t hate my sexuality.” I must admit I rarely hear people say, “I don’t hate myself.” It is usually reserved to those who actually do hate themselves, but won’t admit it.

There is a certain hilarity to him calling gays “preening poofs,” when his not-to-be-published diatribe had an entire section on his “beauty regime.” Throughout his manuscript he degrades all his opponents as ugly and speaks endless of how beautiful he is. He wanted to tell his readers:

“My figure has improved dramatically from a year ago. I have started to look excellent in clothers… I still have my bubble butt. Often I will remove my pajamas and examine myself for a few minutes in the mirror, appreciating the subtle curves of my upper body and the more obvious shapes of my lower body.”

He drones on about how he dries his hair, and the expensive skin cream he uses and how he ensures his “lips are plump and soft.” The most preening entry in Miss America doesn’t go on about a beauty regime the way Milo does. But others are “preening poofs” he writes. Everywhere we turn it is apparent that Milo’s hatred of others begins with his rabid hatred of himself.

He writes, “it’s wrong to expose an innocent child to the possibility of gay influence.” What does that mean? The closet? What wouldn’t count as gay influence? Surely TV shows with gay characters would be gay influence, as would people being out of the closet. It would include books about gays, gay teachers, allowing gay students to attend class with these “innocent children” would be gay influence. It would even stop Milo’s exercise in political exhibitionism on college campuses. If it is wrong to expose children to “gay influence” then what would be needed to stop it? The answer is rather chilling.

One answer he gives is for gays to go back into the closet, to hide from public view so people don’t have to see these poofs, queers and faggots. He says, “gays should pipe down and get back in the closet.” In his case this would be sage advice, but it is advice he gives, not advice he takes.

He asserts gays should be closeted so they would be forced to reproduce. He says society should begin “bullying gay men back into heterosexual unions.” He even suggests young women have anal sex as a way of “signaling to fags that they’re happy to bite the pillow if it means bagging a sensitive husband who appreciates her choice of drapes.”

Forcing gays into the closet, he says, will solve the “problem” of kids being raised by gay parents. He tells his readers “I would have been less ashamed to be gay in the days when being gay was something to be ashamed of. Gays were classier when they were worried about being queer-bashed.” He then says, “ I hate to exaggerate, but you might say that the future of the West sort of depends on us faggots leaping back in the closet and churning out a few kids.”

Everything he writes reeks of contempt and hatred. If he doesn’t hate himself, he’s hating all gays, if not gays, then all women, if not women then his parents. Where does his pathology end?

Though Catholic, Yiannopoulos has periodically taken to claiming he is Jewish, though no evidence of this is apparent. Just as his homosexuality allows him to say horribly homophobic things, he asserts Jewish plots in the guise of being Jewish himself. In a modern reincarnation of “The Learned Elders of Zion” he claimed “the Jews run everything. …Jews run most of the banks; Jews completely dominate the media; Jews are vastly disproportionately represented in all of these professions. That’s just a fact. It’s not anti-Semitic to point out statistics… It’s not anti-Semitic to point that these things are true.”

His is a twisted mental state. It would be fair to say his views are sick. His self-loathing has pushed him to a contemptuous political view where he openly loathes everyone.



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James Peron

James Peron is the president of the Moorfield Storey Institute, was the founding editor of Esteem a LGBT publication in South Africa under apartheid.