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What Kind of Monster is Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders once lectured us on his campaign website that the American dream could be found in Venezuela easier than in the US because the socialists took over there. His own campaign website contained the remarks. The Sander’s Senate site now contains the remarks that praise the regime in Venezuela claiming “incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger.” Of course, there are two ways to increase “equality of income” and one is to increase incomes for all and the other is to equalize poverty.

The authoritarian socialist policies Sanders drools over are more likely to equalize poverty than wealth. Equalizing hunger is not progress to rational people.

Sanders even praised the long lines of people trying to buy food (unsuccessfully) saying, “American journalists talk about how bad a country is when people are lining up for food. That’s a good thing. In other countries, people don’t line up for food. The rich get the food and the poor starve to death.”

The Australian Broadcasting System reported that 90% of Venezuelans are now “perilously short of food” and “ children are showing signs of malnutrition — bony bodies, distended bellies and patches of discoloured skin are the obvious giveaways. The socialist dictatorship promised the poor lots of free things but now there is nothing to give away. The currency is destroyed and worthless, food is scarce and medical care is now non-existent as millions of citizens flee the country. They report, “The country’s health system — once the envy of Latin America” is in “shambles.”

The left-of-center Guardian newspaper said the same thing:

For a time the “Saudi Arabia” of South America, today Venezuela more closely resembles Syria. Economically destroyed and socially unstable, the country is now fighting an ever more alarming spectre: hunger. In the slum of Petare in the metropolitan area of the capital, Caracas, refrigerators remain empty, supermarket queues grow longer and the necessity of procuring something to eat drives young people to violence.”

And, the food lines that Sanders praised so absurdly have vanished since there is almost no food and no money with which to purchase it. The Guardian ntoes, “people have so little money now that they can no longer afford to go to the supermarket. There are no lines anymore.”

With increasing hunger there is increasing dissent but the socialist regime that Sanders has praised deals with that ruthlessly by sending in troops to shoot protestors.

The socialist dictatorship in Venezuela made the same promises Sanders makes, they pushed the same policies that Sanders pushes, and they destroyed a relatively wealth nation in short order. The same is true in Cuba, another socialist regime praised by Sanders, and it was the internal contradictions of socialism that caused the collapse of the Soviet Union—another dictatorship Sanders publicly praised.

The Irish Times reported:

Kenyerber Aquino Merchán was 17 months old when he starved to death. His father left before dawn to bring him home from the hospital morgue. He carried Kenyerber’s skeletal frame into the kitchen and handed it to a mortuary worker who makes house calls for Venezuelan families with no money for funerals.

…Hunger has stalked Venezuela for years. Now, it is killing the nation’s children at an alarming rate, doctors in the country’s public hospitals say. Venezuela has been shuddering since its economy began to collapse in 2014. Riots and protests over the lack of affordable food, excruciating long queues for basic provisions, soldiers posted outside bakeries and angry crowds ransacking grocery stores have rattled cities, providing a telling, public display of the depths of the crisis.

In Venezuela there is rich, fertile land, but socialism sees to it there is no food. The country is one of the most oil rich in the world yet socialism makes sure the is no oil. But, as Sanders glowingly reports there is more equality. How true! Dying is the ultimate equality and something socialism is very good at delivering.

What kind of monster calls people standing in food lines, due to shortages, a good thing? Who in their right minds thinks it’s a sign of progress?

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James Peron

James Peron is the president of the Moorfield Storey Institute, was the founding editor of Esteem a LGBT publication in South Africa under apartheid.