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Who‘s Loved by the Racists? The attempt to push Libertarianism toward Racism

Tom Woods Addressing League of the South

One of the most active groups promoting white supremacy and racist theory has been American Renaissance founded by Jared Taylor. Taylor claims, “When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears.” Many only first heard of Taylor after Dylan Roof executed people inside a black church — people who had warmly welcomed him and made him feel at home.

Roof said he killed these people because of the criminal activities of blacks — based on material he read on various websites, including Taylor’s. Taylor’s response to the murders was a lackluster, “Our site educated him. Our site told him the truth about interracial crime. What he then decided to do with that truth is absolutely not our responsibility.”

They run a website and an annual conference with Nazis, alt-Right types, Klan members and such as speakers and participants. Allies of Taylor include officials from the fascist British National Party, the racist National Front, the leaders of the Nazi Stormfront site, David Duke and Richard Spencer. In other words, anyone who is anyone in the racist/fascist movement are good buddies to American Renaissance.

So, when American Renaissance heaps praise on some “libertarians” for being “race realists,” they know what they are talking about. So who are these alleged libertarians the white supremacists adore?

American Renaissance published a piece, Libertarians and Race Realism which praised a tiny band of allies while lamenting most libertarians were not on board with their “race realism”­ — the term they use instead of racists because it sounds better, much like they rebranded neo-Nazism as “alt-Right.” They called these “libertarians” potential allies.

They use the racist agenda of Hans-Hermann Hoppe to kick off their mutual admiration society, noting that “Jared Taylor’s recent appearance at Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s Property and Freedom Society was well received. It also begs the valuable question, ‘Which libertarians are friendly to race realism, and which are not?” (Apparently this supreme white doesn’t know what “begs the question” means, it isn’t the same as “this raises the question,” but is a logical fallacy where the premise of an argument is based on the conclusion it seeks to prove.)

The first thing these bigots do is lament that libertarians “have been bitter opponents of immigration control.” But they find hope in Hoppe “and a small band of allies within the libertarian movement.” Apparently this small band are the only libertarians they think “principled and courageous.”

They immediately begin praising Hoppe’s group, the Property and Freedom Society, which this pseudo-intellectual founded because of his hate for the “politically correct libertarian group, the Mont Pelerin Society.” Unlike the Pelerin group Hoppe’s “tone and speakers list have been influence from the beginning with touches of race realism.”

They note how Hoppe, along with Murray Rothbard, were involved with the so-called John Randolph Club which “featured many speakers familiar to AmRen readers” including racists such as Joe Sobran, Sam Francis and Jared Taylor. It should be noted that Sobran, Francis and Taylor have all contributed to the web site run by Lew Rockwell, as has Hoppe and Rothbard, of course. American Renaissance has nothing but praise for Rockwell and his contribution to further white supremacy.

Lew Rockwell is another libertarian (sic) figure worth knowing about, but is something of an enigma. In 1982 he found the Ludwig von Mises Institute, which quickly became a conservative and radical counterweight to the increasingly liberal and mainstream Cato Institute. Murray Rothbard, considered a kind of libertarian god [sick] than anything else, has time and again shown itself to be unconcerned with the taboos that even many other libertarians fear. It has published sharp critiques of such liberal totems as feminism and multiculturalism.

I find it odd that libertarians who aren’t afraid of feminism and multiculturalism are called fearful, while those terrified about them are courageous.

American Renaissance praises Rockwell for urging people to avoid “the company of certain ‘liberated’ groups that had begun making common cause” with libertarians — or so they claim. Alleged to be in the group of libertarian allies are “habitual drug users, nudists and the like.” It’s “the like” who scare me!

They note Rockwell furthered their cause when he and Rothbard started the Rothbard-Rockwell Report which “features a plethora of AmRen contributors….”

During this period, a very harmonious relationship existed between race realists, paleos, and libertarians. Murray Rothbard endorsed Pat Buchanan for president in 1992, the Mises Institute was unafraid of inviting both Sam Francis and Joe Sobran to its conferences, and rumor has it that Mr. Rockwell was even ghost writing newsletters for one Ron Paul, which referenced Jared Taylor in a positive light. The newsletters were controversial due to their unconventional views on Martin Luther King and racial orthodoxy. It was out of this paleo-libertarian atmosphere that was created in 1999.

As they see it, Hoppe “is keeping alive the kind of fearless and conservative-oriented libertarianism that Murray Rothbard so perfectly embodied.” What does that include? “Not only was he a proud Copperhead and a vocal supporter of Strom Thurmond in his college days, but he also wrote a glowing review of Richard Hernstein and Charles Murray’s The Bell Curve.”

Rothbard’s defense of The Bell Curve was odd. His argument was that the “Race Question” (caps were his) ought to be a concern because if it can be shown some races are inferior it can be used to defend abolishing the welfare state. He justified embracing racism rather explicitly at Rockwell’s site when he wrote:

If and when we as populists and libertarians abolish the welfare state in all of its aspects, and property rights and the free market shall be triumphant once more, many individuals and groups will predictably not like the end result. In that case, those ethnic and other groups who might be concentrated in lower-income or less prestigious occupations, guided by their socialistic mentors, will predictably raise the cry that free-market capitalism is evil and “discriminatory” and that therefore collectivism is needed to redress the balance. In that case, the intelligence argument will become useful to defend the market economy and the free society from ignorant or self-serving attacks. In short; racialist science is properly not an act of aggression or a cover for oppression of one group over another, but, on the contrary, an operation in defense of private property against assaults by aggressors.

We should remember Rothbard used the newsletter to openly praise former Klan leader David Duke gushingly saying, “there was nothing in Duke’s current program or campaign that could not be embraced by paleoconservatives or paleo-libertarians…”

At an alt-Right site, Amnation an article by one Peter Bradley claims:

Murray Rothbard was the founder of modern libertarianism [note: not even remotely true] and was also a proponent of voluntary racial separation. I never met Rothbard, but Sam Francis and several others told me he was on the same wavelength as American Renaissance on racial issues. Michael Levin was a frequent contributor to the RRR for the four years I subscribed to it. He wrote very honestly about things such as black crime, race and IQ, and the media whitewash of black failure. Hans Hoppe, who favors immigration, wrote that America could keep its racial identity and still have immigration by selecting immigrants based on IQ and race. Jared Taylor’s book of essays, The Real American Dilemma, received a favorable review by Paul Gottfried in a 1998 issue of RRR. The RRR’s forthrightness on race got it lambasted by David Frum in his 1994 book Dead Right. Frum was particularly displeased about an unflattering essay on the moral character of Martin Luther King.

Hoppe, Rothbard and Rockwell

In addition to Rothbard, Rockwell and Hoppe American Renaissance has praise for a few others, in this “small” band of “race realists.” They single out for praise “Gary North and Sean Gabb” but lament “Gary North has developed a reputation as a bit of an old coot, and is often cited as someone the Mises Institute should purge, while Sean Gabb has still not gained much name recognition in the United States.”

But, in the end American Renaissance says two “libertarians” will be responsible for the victory of their “race realism” and it will come:

…come not only from the groundwork laid by Prof. Hoppe and his annual gatherings of banished intellectuals, but from the historian Thomas Woods, Jr.. Most famous for his surprise hit, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History,” Mr. Woods also writes for Mises,, and a handful of other publications. From time to time, he shows fairly strong conservative leanings; in his review of Prof. Hoppe’s book, he recommended reading it in tandem with Pat Buchanan’s then-new The Death of the West. Additionally, he was once a member of the League of the South–and he is level-headed when it comes to immigration.

What it is important for libertarians to remember is these open bigots at American Renaissance lament their allies in libertarianism are indeed just a “small band.” The reality remains most libertarians are not allied with racist collectivism and actually do support liberal individualism. While libertarians need to know who is corrupting libertarianism with race-based collectivism, they shouldn’t assume they have more influence than they do.

Oddly there are two groups that benefit from the presence of these bigots: that is the bigots themselves and those who hate libertarianism. Both have the incentive to exaggerate the influence of these bigots on the mainstream libertarian movement. When the best these “race realists” can do is push Rothbard and Hoppe as their intellectual leaders it is apparent what an intellectual desert they actually occupy.

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