Do These 5 Things Before Quitting Your Day Job to be a Full-Time Creative

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

I know so many writers/authors/creatives that want to work full-time at their craft. As many of you have probably noticed there are many creatives working full-time and easily supporting themselves with their craft. However, if you don’t set yourself up for success in the beginning, it’s very easy to fail. I know this from personal experience and from seeing…




Posts about positivity, law of attraction, happiness, self-improvement, life, publishing, creativity, make money online, and fiction. It is up to us to change our world view if we want the world to change.

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Regina Paul

Regina Paul

Author, writer, artist. I write about publishing, making money online, creativity, happiness, and spirituality. Twitter @reginapaul E-mail

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