Twelve Little Words That Will Change Your Life for the Better

And Help You to be Happier!

Photo by Samantha Hurley from Burst

Sometimes it feels like life just keep throwing you curve balls, doesn’t it? I’ve certainly had my share of curve balls lately. I left my purse on the bus, figured out my files weren’t syncing to my One Drive account, and my best friend of twenty years ghosted me. Sometimes curve balls are a blessing though, even if they don’t seem…




Posts about positivity, law of attraction, happiness, self-improvement, life, publishing, creativity, make money online, and fiction. It is up to us to change our world view if we want the world to change.

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Regina Paul

Regina Paul

Author, writer, artist. I write about publishing, making money online, creativity, happiness, and spirituality. Twitter @reginapaul E-mail

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