Magnet Night @ Raa

On February 16, Raa held its annual Magnet Night, an event for upcoming sixth graders and their parents to get a taste of what Raa has to offer.

I had the opportunity to film some performances, and to perform myself.

Monologue by Jordyn R. and Violin Duet by Zy’Ona Knight and Mrs. Sahely

Band Solo

Flute Duet by Haley Foster and Mrs. Townsend

Steel Drums Solo by Isaiah Clingerman (please excuse my terrible filming skills)

All I Ask — Adele Cover by yours truly and Zy’Ona Knight

After the audience watched all the performances and listened to each performing arts teacher explain what their class had to offer, the fifth graders and their parents were taken on a tour around the school. Sadly, I wasn’t able to stay long enough to get some pictures of that.

If you were a fifth grader again and went to Raa’s Magnet Night, would you want to come to Raa after listening to those performances? Let me know in the comments!

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