Principal’s Corner — Beta Club Interview

The Beta Club is a new group at Raa Middle that focuses on volunteering and helping out the community. Because Beta is so new to the school, people have had many questions on why it is so important to the school and how it came about. An interview with the principal helped answer those questions.

Why is Beta Club so important to have on campus? 
P: Because I think there can never be to many opportunities for students to volunteer on campus.

Why was Beta club so important to you? 
P: Because I wanted a service club on campus.

Why did Beta Club take so long to form?
P: We had a Beta Club on campus many years ago but then the sponsor left us so we had to wait for a new one.

Hopefully, Beta Club will stay around for many years to come so that future Raa Rams can experience the joy of volunteering and helping out the community.

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