The Championship Game

Guess who’s facing Swift Creek in the championship game? Your Raa Rams! Come to the game on February 22nd to support your undefeated Rams with winning the championship.

We lost last year against Cobb. Last night’s game was a win against Cobb: 63–36!

I interviewed some of the players to get their thoughts on their winning streak.

Coach Joshua King: 
Q: Did you expect to go undefeated at the start of the season? 
A: My expectations at the beginning of the season is to win every game. At my time coaching at Raa, we have never gone undefeated until this year.

James Fygetakis-Gollop: 
Q: Are you proud of your performance on the team?
A: Yes. (Best Quote of the Year right there!)

Cameron Smith:
Q: Are you confident that your team can win the championship? 
A: Oh yeah, I’m very confident, our team… we have our defense and everything, like we have our three different defenses we run, so we’re good.

Remember to cheer on your Rams and get your 4th championship under Coach King’s.


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