The Secret of The Room-Part 2

A short story

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Synopsis: Sanya, Maya and Sheena are cousin sisters who, along with their family were staying at a hotel in Mussorie for the summer vacations. Sheena and Maya saw a ghost girl at night in their room and believe that the room is haunted.

“Sheena didn’t see a ghost in Sanya’s room. This room is haunted. Believe it or not!” Maya muttered to herself but loudly so that the parents could hear.

“Okay, what’s the matter today?” Manoj, Sanya’s father asked.

“Well, one sister saw a ghost girl that night, the other sister saw a ghost girl yesterday night. This ghost business has really become a pain.” Rajeev, Maya’s father said worriedly.

“The girls believe that this particular room is haunted, as Sheena didn’t see anything yesterday night.” Reema, Maya’s mother added.

“How about all the girls sleep in our room in that case?” Manoj offered.

“Really? You believe in-” Rajeev started.

“-It is not a matter of believing as much as it is a matter of reducing the children’s fear. If it helps them sleep well and relax and enjoy the trip, then what’s the problem?” Manoj reasoned and Maya’s parents quietly nodded.

As they came back, the three girls sat discussing the ghost in Sanya’s room.

“I don’t know but I feel something very wrong has happened in that room.” Maya said nervously.

“I told you that day, I got a strange feeling from our floor.” Sheena said, in a scared voice.

“I was just joking by saying that if there was a ghost here, it was bound to be on our floor. Now it is in our very room” Maya said sadly.

“Does the hotel manager have any idea about it? Why would he give us the haunted room?” Sheena cried.

“Of course he does. But why would he not give us the haunted room? It’s just business for him, after all. Why does he care what happens to the people staying in that room?” Maya said angrily.

“Shouldn’t we report him to the police then?” Sheena asked.

“And on what basis? Can you show the police the photograph of the ghost? And how is a ghost hanging around his hotel his crime?” Maya said, helplessly.

“His crime is hiding the fact that there is, in fact, a ghost hanging around the hotel. There may have been people staying before us in the room having the same experience.” Sheena argued.

“Still, Sheena, no evidence! Our parents refuse to believe us, you think the police will believe us kids?” Maya said angrily.

“Alright, look, I am not dismissing your fears but could it really just have been a fragment of your imagination?” Sanya said.

“Really Sanya? You too? I thought at least you would believe us.” Maya said.

“It’s not like I don’t. But before jumping to other conclusions, shouldn’t you first be sure of what you saw?” Sanya tried to reason.

“Both of us saw the same thing, a ghost girl. One person could imagine it, how can two people imagine the exact same thing? A ghost girl smiling with shining teeth?” Maya argued.

“Maybe Sheena’s imagination added fuel to your imagination and you saw the same thing?” Sanya said.

“In that case Sanya, this might sound weird, but why don’t you try sleeping in our room tonight?” Maya said.

“Well, I don’t know….I mean, what if it’s all true and that ghost girl actually harms me?” Sanya said nervously.

“So, you are afraid, aren’t you?” Maya said.

“I mean…..I don’t know.” Sanya said nervously.

“Look Sanya, I don’t want anything to happen to you either. But to know for sure whether something, indeed, is off in that room or not, you should try sleeping there too. You haven’t seen anything creepy in the past 2 days, but if you see something there, it might confirm that the room is haunted.” Maya said.

“Well, if you say so….” Sanya nodded.

“Don’t worry, just wake our parents up if you see something.” Maya comforted her.

The girls told their parents about the plan to which the parents reluctantly agreed.

The next morning was unusually calm so Maya and Sheena asked Sanya about the events of last night after getting ready.

“I….saw her. Standing near the window for a few seconds. But she disappeared after that. I saw nothing after that. I lied to your parents when they asked me if I saw something or not. I am not sure whether what I saw was real or not.” A tense Sanya said.

“It was real. Now that you have seen it too, it’s confirmed. That room is haunted indeed and it hides a dark secret.” Maya said, tensed.

“Why didn’t you tell our parents about it?” Sheena asked.

“I don’t know. I was afraid of getting scolded. And is there any point?” Sanya reasoned.

“The three of us saw the exact same thing, Sanya. How can our parents explain this with their logic? They can’t. Actually they just don’t have an answer to this. Hence, they are just trying to avoid the problem thinking that we are just here for a few days anyway and things will get normal back home. What if they don’t? What if that ghost girl possesses one of us? Is that when they will finally decide to take action?” Maya said, annoyed.

“Sanya, perhaps your father will understand us. He didn’t dismiss us like our father.” Maya said.

“Even if he understood us, what will he do about it?” Sanya asked, baffled.

“How about this? How about we just let your parents sleep alone in that room tonight, have them wake up in the middle of the night and see if they see the ghost too?” Sanya suggested.

“I don’t think they are going to agree to ruin a night of sleep for our experiments. This is why I suggested involving your father, Sanya. We just need one of the adults to see the ghost, so maybe we can pressurize the hotel manager to do something about it.” Maya said.

“You think people before us may not have done that? It didn’t seem to affect him. We should just keep quiet.” Sanya said.

“But at least, we should try that experiment with your father. To at least get the satisfaction that we were right though we won’t be able to do anything about it.” Maya didn’t wish to give up.

“Well, in that case, you should ask him.” Sanya said.

Manoj agreed to sleep with his brother in his room while both the wives slept in the other room with the girls.

The next day was a day of relaxation for them. The girls were curious to know the result of their experiment. They rushed to Manoj who was relaxing on the balcony of his room.

“You were correct, indeed. Something is not right in that room. I did see a shadow near the door smiling at me but when I approached it, it was gone.” Manoj said in a calm, unperturbed voice.

“You approached it? That was really courageous of you.” Maya said, shocked.

“Honestly, this is not my first experience with a ghost, girls. Long ago, in my college time, there was a hostel room where a student, a victim of bullying had committed suicide. I am not sure but it was said that the student was from the batch before us, one year senior. One of my friends was staying in that very room with another friend and both often complained of haunted activities. And we boys, daring as we were, decided to spend a night in that room. Trust me, the only reason we were able to spend a whole night there was because we were together. The whole night we could hear sounds of crying and saw shadows walking outside the window. It was…..disturbing, to say the least. The next day, we complained to the warden but it fell on deaf ears. It was only after my friend started having anxiety issues that the warden took action and the room was closed and still remains closed. Another experience we had was on a college trip, we got too adventurous and decided to visit an abandoned hut near the place we were staying, we didn’t have any idea that it was haunted but it turned out that it was. There weren’t any shadows this time, but loud sounds of footsteps and some other weird noises. Something awful must have happened in that hut as well though we didn’t come to know about it. I have never ever told any of this to anyone back home. But now I am telling you, because this is the reason why I believe you. If like my brother, I hadn’t experienced this, I would have probably not believed you too.” Manoj explained as the girls listened to the stories, aghast.

“We have been staying in a haunted hotel…..” Sheena said, scared.

To be continued……



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