The Secret of The Room-Part 3

A short story

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Synopsis: Sanya, Maya and Sheena are cousin sisters who, along with their family were staying at a hotel in Mussorie for the summer vacations. Sheena and Maya saw a ghost girl at night in their room and believe that the room is haunted. When Sanya slept in the room, she too claimed to have seen the ghost.

While the parents initially were doubtful of their children’s stories, Manoj, Sanya’s father, later saw the ghost as well and seemed to understand the girls, having had paranormal experiences back in college himself.

“I am sure that the hotel manager is aware of something bad which happened here. But there is no way he will ever tell us. He wouldn’t want to drive away his customers. But if there is only one room which is haunted, he can consider closing that room,” Manoj said.

“So, should we tell him?” Maya asked.

“Maybe….I think we should suggest that he close that room. That way, he wouldn’t have to worry about driving away customers nor would his customers have any unpleasant experiences like we did,” said Maya and Sheena’s mother, Reema, which surprised all of them.

“I didn’t tell you this, but the night Sanya was sleeping with us, I saw a shadow when I went to the washroom. I felt as though it was standing behind me as I was washing my hands, but when I turned, there was nothing. I thought my mind was playing games with me, but now…..I highly doubt it,” Reema continued.

“Do you think it’s a good idea to talk to the manager?” Manoj asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe he must have gotten that suggestion from other people too but he never acted on it. Maybe he doesn’t believe it,” Reema said.

“Ask him to stay a night in that room and then let’s see how he doesn’t believe it!” Sheena scorned which made everyone smile.

“Well, it’s his concern. We will be leaving soon. He is the one who has to deal with it forever. We can only talk to him once, privately. The rest is up to him,” Manoj said.

“Yes and then listen to him call us a bunch of idiots cooking up stories along with our kids!” Reema laughed.

“Let him think whatever he wants. We are only going to be his well-wishers,” Manoj said as he got up.

“We’ll come too!” Maya and Sheena shouted.

They went to the hotel manager who was sitting sleepily in the lobby.

“Good morning! Hope you are having a pleasant stay!” he said, beaming upon seeing them approaching.

“Oh, certainly. Your hospitality is wonderful, except that there is something that may require your attention,” Manoj said.

“Oh….is that so? What is the inconvenience? How may I help you?” the manager said, his expression becoming one of worry.

“It is not quite easy for me to say…..but if you would just believe me,” Manoj said quietly.

“Well, sir, it is my responsibility to make sure you are having a pleasant stay, so please speak without hesitation.”

“Well then, I will just speak without hesitation. Are you aware of the presence of a ghostly spirit in your hotel?” Manoj asked, without bothering to mince his words.

“A-ghostly spirit? What are you talking about, sir?”

“Look, I know you are aware of it but are simply pretending. Why don’t you just shut that room?” Manoj said in a low voice.

“Wh-what room, sir? I am sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“The room in which my brother, his wife, and these two girls are staying. That room is haunted…..only that particular room. Something bad has happened in that room of which you are aware, but wouldn’t disclose. But it is dangerous to let guests stay in that room. Surely you must have gotten this suggestion before, but you never acted on it. Are you aware that you are putting people’s lives in danger? And also your business?”

“You must be joking, sir…..there have never been such complaints, or suggestions. Please do not try to cook up stories and ruin my hotel’s reputation.”

“It will get ruined eventually anyway…..if you do not shut that room. Look, think and say whatever you want. That I am cooking up stories, trying to ruin your hotel’s reputation or whatever. But it was my moral duty to inform you of the mishappenings in your hotel, and I have done so. It is up to you now, my friend, to look into the matter. We are simply guests who will leave soon anyway.”

“But really, sir, I am not lying! I have never received such complaints from anyone! How do you think my hotel is still running so well if there were incidents of ghosts in it? Hence I request you, please do not go outside and ruin my hotel’s reputation.”

“Well…..I wouldn’t say a word of it to anyone. But you should definitely lock up the room after we leave. I don’t care whether you do it or not, it’s for your own good, it won’t benefit me in any way.” After saying so, Manoj quietly took his leave.

“We should tell it to people outside!” Sheena said.

“No, child. People would call us crazy. Why should we get involved in this?”

“But, but…,” Sheena said nervously.

“Do not open your mouth about the incidents to anyone else outside of the hotel,” Manoj said seriously and left the children in the lobby.

“I just wish to get out of here, as soon as possible,” Sheena said, her voice breaking because of tears.

“Relax, we are going to…,” Maya tried to comfort her.

“Let us go outside,” she added.

They were going to stay in Mussoorie for two more days and as Sheena could not wait for that one day before their vacation began to get over, she could not wait for these two days to be over. The family spent the evening walking around the hotel, and the children stared at the locals and tourists nervously, people who were probably blissfully unaware or pretending to be unaware of the secret the children carried with them. For some reason, all of them were having an eerie feeling, as though something bad was about to happen.

“It is your birthday tomorrow, Sanya, yet I am not feeling good,” Maya said nervously.

“I know, maybe because of the circumstances we are in,” Sanya replied.

“Well, I wish we were celebrating it back home. This place has really ruined all the fun and excitement,” Sheena said.

“I really don’t get it. We have literally seen a ghost. Are we really not supposed to make a big deal out of it? I feel so guilty. We may get out of here safely, but what if, because of us, someone bears the consequences later?”

Maya noticed Rajeev turning to listen to their conversation and she changed the subject.

“And that’s why I do not want her to be the class teacher again.”

Rajeev got involved in talking with Manoj again and the children continued discussing.

“You know, I think all of us should stay awake the whole night. In our room,” Maya suggested.

“That’s crazy, Maya. You know that ghosts don’t show up in front of more than one person. They like to confuse people,” Sanya replied.

“Please Sanya, I just want to do it. I know there is no point in it, but still….”


At this point, the elders had gotten fed up with the girls’ antics. They were okay with whatever the girls were doing as long as they behaved themselves and didn’t cause chaos. Only two days of the trip were remaining anyway, and they wished for them to pass by with peace. They were okay with the girls staying awake as long as they could sleep in peace.

The girls were staying awake at night in the “haunted” room and Rajeev and Reema slept with them.

To be continued……



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