What Is The Best Pokemon TCG Set?

How to decide which is right for you

Some stand by that Evolving skies is the best and will remain the best due to how many high-value chase cards are in the set.

However, anyone who has opened it knows it is a struggle. There are no special subsets and the chase cards are all secret rares. This means that by opening up a booster, you have one chance to get a chase, but there are many others in that secret rare spot that are not chasing. So at the current market price of $250 a booster, you have a single chance at a worthwhile card. There are currently only 2 cards that are worth more than a booster box. This means it makes more sense to buy the single cards that are lower value, then make the choice if you want to really chase those premium 2 cards sitting at the top, or bite the bullet and buy those too.

The next thing to consider in choosing the best set is how fun is it to actually open.

Evolving skies as we have seen are not very fun unless you get very very lucky. Sets that have alternative arts (like evolving skies) can be fun if you pull that super rare, but that means most packs are boring. Other sets starting with Brilliant Stars have alt art chase cards AND a trainer gallery subset. This is a 30-card collection that generally isn’t worth much, but is much easier to pull and double the chances of having a hit in your pack. Many times you can pull a trainer gallery and a hit. Is that more fun even though the cards aren’t worth as much? Again depends on why you are collecting pokemon, to begin with. Do you want to make money, or collect beautiful cards? There are cards worth only a few bucks that Id argue are more pleasant art pieces than some of the top chase cards.

Now, what if you want to play AND give your deck a little bling?

I still believe that the most recent sets are going to be the ones for you as older sets have starters to rotate out. (Regulation mark D was used on the first few sets of SWSH and at the start of the 2023 season, they will no longer be allowed in standard. This means unless you play expanded, older sets are worthless to you.)

In it for the money:

Evolving Skies

In it for the fun/art:

Brilliant Stars

In it for playing:

The four most recent sets will do.



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