HM-02 is Available Now

Volume 83 - one minute read

Apr 27th, 2018

Following my first EP release just a month and a half ago, my second EP is finished and ready for you to add to your playlists! The past month and a half was filled with a lot of learning and artistic exploration for me and I think it really shines on HM-02.

My first EP was a big step for me, putting myself out there with a vulnerable new passion. The overwhelming support on HM-01 really pushed me to be comfortable with my style and expression in music which I took advantage of in HM-02. HM-02 is definitely a more emotion-filled EP and a small step into experimental methodologies I hadn’t tried in the past.

In terms of equipment, I purchased both an OP-1 and a Volca FM and was more than pleased with them. I’ve been able to implement both of them quite a bit in this new EP while still keeping my initial style and methods intact. The devices have become great add-ons in my work and I’m excited to use them on future music.

Anyways, I won’t go too deep into the EP and give you the time to interpret the music on your own. I’d love to hear your thoughts after you give it a listen on Twitter, and be sure to share it with other folks you think would appreciate the tunes. Enjoy! ✨

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Dennis Cortés
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