HM-03 is Out Everywhere Now

Volume 93 - two minute read

July 5th, 2018

Very proud and excited to announce that my 3rd EP is now finished and available for you to stream anywhere you listen to music! It’s been just over 7 months since I started working on my first EP, and now I have 3 completed and ready for you to listen to.

The main theme of HM-03 is an exploration of true loneliness in a world filled with other beings. Learning to accept and and thrive in what seems like solitude is how we cope, and we “ride the waves” of these emotions to the best of our abilities. While there are other overarching themes and smaller ones as well, I’d like to leave the rest up to your interpretation. Listen for mellow melodies paired with hard-hitting kicks and snares sprinkled with unique but familiar extras. Try and find all the themes on this medium-sized EP.

I’m very excited for you to hear this EP as it’s my favorite so far in terms of messaging and style. I’d call the style very much “Ambient Hip-Hop” and am quite content with how my musical style is developing. I still have a ton to learn, which is exciting for me as someone passionate towards music production, music culture, and bringing other passions and perspectives from my life into my work.

I plan to make 9 EPs before my first full-fledged album and will be starting on HM-04 before you know it. Until then, I invite you to enjoy listening to HM-03 (best experienced with headphones 😉) and would love to hear your thoughts on Twitter afterwards.

Find a direct link to your streaming service on the brand new music page I made for Cordio here

Dennis Cortés
Designer that also codes, illustrates, writes weekly articles, and produces music. Hispanic. Pokémon Master.