How I Use Different Apple Watch Faces Throughout My Day

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May 4th, 2018

I bought the Apple Watch Series 1 three years ago beyond excited about the possibilities of smart watches. The ability to talk to someone through my watch felt like something out of a 007 movie, texting someone without using my phone felt like the future, and tracking my health while controlling music was exciting.

While these uses have dwindled down in their excitement unfortunately, I did pay around $500 for this watch so I still wear it to this day. To be fair, I love the all-black stealth look and use the watch to track my workouts every day. Point being, I’m always looking to find more ways to put my watch to use.

Lately I’ve found a really nice way to make my watch much more useful for me and adjust based on what I need it for throughout the day. This has made my watch more worth the value I paid and still makes it worth wearing every day for me.

The Morning Workout Watch Face

I wake up every weekday at 6:15am to head to the gym for that day. When I take my watch off its charger, I swipe over to this watch face and drive to the gym. This face allows me to:

  • See the temperature to see how I should dress since I have to walk outside for a bit.
  • Start a workout quickly from the top right before I start my cardio workout.
  • Start playing the music I want to use from the bottom complication.
  • See my progress on rings at a glance to see where I’m at for that day.

The Day Job Watch Face

After getting back home, taking my dogs out, and showering, I place my watch back on and swipe to this custom Modular watch face I made. This one was made especially for my day-to-day working at MetaLab. This watch face helps me to:

  • See the date and time (duh) for knowing when I’m starting/ending work and when to take my lunch break
  • See what meetings I have for that day and which one is up next with the time and details at a glance.
  • Quickly access my Reminders to-do list for MetaLab to see what I need to work on next and finish for that day.
  • Set a timer for my Pomodoro working technique where I work for 20 minutes and then take a small break.
  • See the current time for the time zone most of my coworkers are in for quick time conversions in Slack or email.

The Default Watch Face

For all other times when I’m not working out or on day job hours, this is the watch face I use. There isn’t much here in terms of productivity or any special complications, just more so personal preference and what I’ve become accustomed to having.

This watch face gives me an entire overview of the current day, time, battery, weather, and activity all at once. I’m also just a big fan of the colorful option here in the Modular Watch Face.

I think the default one is all about finding what works best for you and your lifestyle. For example, if I had smart lights at home or something similar I would keep that functionality as a complication for quick access to those steps. There are also quite a few neat apps that have generally useful complications but I personally haven’t been able to fit/justify having a lot of them on my home screen and have defaulted to the above one for quite some time.

While you’re free to copy my personal watch faces I showed above, the larger point I wanted to make here is using different watch faces for your different needs throughout the day. Making a watch face that fits with your line of work, having one for a hobby of yours, having one to gear you toward certain goals in life, etc. is a good place to start. With the new WatchOS updates, it’s much easier to swipe between different watch faces too, making that switch time almost instant.

Hope this helps! Let me know if there are any apps for Apple Watch that you particularly enjoy or find useful as I’m always looking to make my process and setup better if I can.

Dennis Cortés
Product Designer at MetaLab. I also code, illustrate, write weekly articles, and produce music. Hispanic. Pokémon Master.