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Dream For Eternity

Reflections on dreams and mournful awakenings

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Ever have that dream where you are home, but nothome? Where people should be known, but are unknown? And who is this friend who lingers with you long after you’ve awakened? You tell yourself, oh this was merely a dream, but what if it is reality and this awakened-world is the dream? How would you know the difference? Would you want to know the difference?

And then you are blessed with a dream of missed opportunities. You are young again, graceful and beautiful. Home again — your childhood home. Dressed in a long silky, silvery nightgown, walking down the front stairs to a small room under the house. You feel eyes watching you. His eyes. He, the missed opportunity. This is how it should have been — he is as bewitched by you as you had been by him so long ago.

Or the dream of a perfect family with loved ones all about you. They share love and you feel their love. It’s a party and you are showered with presents, cards and well-wishes. And for all these beautiful moments, you know something isn’t right. There is a sense of foreboding. When will it all split apart?

How do you explain that tug at your heart upon waking? How can you mourn for something that was never meant to be? And yet there it is — the longing, the longing, the longing.

O if I could but sleep and dream for eternity!

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Lori Carlson writes Poetry, Fiction, Articles, Creative Non-Fiction and Personal Essays. Most of her topics are centered around Relationships, Spirituality, Life Lessons, Mental Health, Nature, Loss, Death, and the LGBTQ+ community. Check out her personal Medium blog here.



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