Canon MC review and examples

This week’s gear video is about the Canon MC. I had already written a mini review of its pros and cons as well as of its add-on lenses, but this video will quickly go through it in a more interactive way.

After a small handheld presentation to let you get a better idea of its outer looks, buttons and other user interface elements, I will go into the basic functions it provides.

This 1984 mostly plastic build (like a rock) point-and-shoot camera is all automatic (focus and exposition), but packs a fun character. It is very easy to use one-handedly, and while it is really noisy, its 35mm f2.8 lens will let you get some pretty awesome shots.

Some love it, some hate it, others just enjoy it. In any case, it’s AAA battery compatibility and compact but decent detachable flash module makes it a really fun camera to carry.

and if you prefer French:

Don’t hesitate to comment below the videos. Hope you enjoy!




A raw review of diverse techniques, cameras and lenses. More on how things might be done, or on how the equipment feels than sole objective technical data. Hopefully useful and enjoyable.

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