Films galore to end 2022, full and medium format, but also Lomo LC-A, Minitar 1 Art Lens and more

This last month of 2022 was an occasion to test out a few analog films.

From Agent Shadow from Kosmo to the various versions of Fomapan (100, 200, 400).. going by some Cinestill 800 with its characteristic aura rendering of highlights and some Kodak Gold.. this month will have given a good deal to film photography.

Again some Iceland but also a small trip to Bern, the capital of Switzerland, and it was also a good occasion to test both the Lomo LC-A + camera from Lomography, the modern edition of the famous Lomo LCA camera from 1984 with its famous 32mm f2.8 lens, but also the standalone version for Leica M mount, the LC-A Minitar 1 Art Lens.

A few trials with Pentax 67 medium format with its classic 55mm f4 lens (technically missed..) and as usual a try at discussing the images I took last month in general.

And again, as usual, the link with the French speaking version:



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Tristan Zand

I like to hide behind sunglasses/music/photo/tech/arts/politics/whatever/oh and bass... Experimental photography and conceptual media.