Gruyères, Reykjavik and London, between collector planes, frigates & street photography for this Serial September 2022.

We start the month at RIO 2022 in Gruyères, in the Swiss prealps (where they make the famous and delicious cheese) , a collector plane meetup that was the occasion to test out the famous APO Tely R 280mm f2.8 lens.

Then we go to Reykjavik with its landscapes, frigates and photos of Harpa, beautiful concert and conference hall with such a unique architectural design. Going to London also to test and better understand the Leica Summilu 50mm f1.4 with candid and street photography.

A few medium format experiments in between and that’s it for this month’s program.

The cameras used and that I will talk about include the Leica SL2 but also the Leica M240 and theS006. A few of the lenses are: — Leica APO Telyt R 280 f2.8, Summarit-M 90mm f2.5, Summilux 50mm f1.4 typ 3. — Hasselblad FE 110mm f2.0 Planar.

And of course here is the link to the French version of the presentation:



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Tristan Zand

Tristan Zand


I like to hide behind sunglasses/music/photo/tech/arts/politics/whatever/oh and bass... Experimental photography and conceptual media.