fish in a tank using a preliminary version of the “Bomber Baba” creative filter / insaturator
A preliminary example of how the new creative filter / insaturator “Bomber Baba” reacts.

May Twentytwentytwo Computational Photography

This month I will rant about some of the pictures made using my usual homemade apps ( Camare Creative Camera and Digital Paula ).

I will show you a few examples from the already existing insaturators and filmulators and how this provides inspiration for creating new computational processes that I will then integrate in my creative filter toolbox. This will feature the first steps to the “Bomber Baba” insaturator module. How I tiptoe towards maybe an interesting computational process to alter the image data from the source.

There will be also a few examples from a to-be post-processing app. By popular demand I am trying to figure out how to use my preexisting image engine in a meaningful way such as one can use photos from other sources than the smartphone itself (using Leica M240, M8 and SL2 in this video).

There are enough image processing apps or plug-in filters in my opinion, so maybe doing it differently could make sense. Using a few examples, I will tackle the idea.

and if you prefer French:

Again, comments and questions welcome.




A raw review of diverse techniques, cameras and lenses. More on how things might be done, or on how the equipment feels than sole objective technical data. Hopefully useful and enjoyable.

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Tristan Zand

I like to hide behind sunglasses/music/photo/tech/arts/politics/whatever/oh and bass... Experimental photography and conceptual media.

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