Serial : photo presentations for the month of May 2022

For this past month of May, I will again review a series of photographs either taken or edited during that month.

Quite a few film photographs this month, using Ferrania P30 80iso, Kono Monolith 400iso, Fomapan 200iso, but also some expired APS Fujifilm. Also one Fujifilm Instax Wide instant-film picture using the Lomography Lomograflok back for large chamber cameras (here used with the trusty Intrepid 4x5).

An emphasis on the Leica S006 with the Hasselblad V lens adapter and a few examples using the Zeiss Distagon 50mm f4.0, the well-renowned FE 60–120mm f4.8, and the legendary Planar 110mm f2.0.

Some low-light SL2 photographs, but also some M8 and Pentax Q in this Serial presentation. And not the least, the Minolta CLE rangefinder with Leica lenses, the Canon AF35ML point-and-shoot from 1981, and a Swiss Alpa 10d using an old Soviet Jupiter 9 85mm f2.0.

Serial May 2022

And also for French speakers, the version which speaks appropriately on my corresponding channel (white logo):

Serial Mai 2022




A raw review of diverse techniques, cameras and lenses. More on how things might be done, or on how the equipment feels than sole objective technical data. Hopefully useful and enjoyable.

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Tristan Zand

I like to hide behind sunglasses/music/photo/tech/arts/politics/whatever/oh and bass... Experimental photography and conceptual media.

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