11 Types of Friends To Keep Forever and A Day

Time to shed some weight

You need people who understand you and your goals in life, and this time, these are the kinds of people who should make it to the Wolf-Pack. Why? Making new friends is typically not easy in your 20s-30s, and even worse, is telling who’s real or fake.

  1. Mr. Optimistic
    The “everything will be fine” guy. The one who always sees the good in everything and the good in you. That’s a keeper!
They’ll keep your energy up

2. Role Model
All your friends inspire you in their own little ways, but there’s just that one that seems to speak to your vision. He is mature and gives good advice. You should be his friend.

Stay away from “they”

3. The Ugly Truth Buddy
The ones that will not even let you land before they tell you about yourself. That’s the kind of friend who will teach you to manage criticism.

4. Non-Judgmental Relationship Counsellor
For some reason, it’s just easy to talk to them about matters of the heart. They don’t tell you what to do, but help you see what you’re doing clearly.

Sometimes you just need a “brug” (bro hug)

5.The Challenger
These types of people push you to be better. They set the bar high and expect you to do things without breaking a sweat. That’s a stimulating friendship.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with their energy

6. The Defender
They just stand up for you even without your asking. They just jump right in, no matter what. They are fierce and fearless. It’s good to know someone has your back all the time.

Please don’t touch the merchandise

7. Forever Chill Guy
These ones who know just what will make you feel better about bad times. Ice cream, Jack Daniels, binge watching Game of Thrones, you name it! They believe that life should be taken easy.

8. Childhood Homie
Someone who you grew up with, who understands what you’ve been through. You may speak only once a year but that conversation could last 
hours, and never leaves you drained.

9. Worlds and Opposites

The ones who never agree with you on anything. From music to food to politics, life would be boring if all your friends were just like you. They keep you in a constant state of learning.

Bring out the best in each other

10. The Walking Gym
The ones who’re always active, eating healthy, sleeping well. These guys will probably push you to be like them and it’s not such a bad thing!

Friends that work out together

11. We Are One Nigeria
That your friend who isn’t from any where near your culture, don’t treat him like an outsider. He’s probably your most interesting friend, whose views and values are totally different, who can teach you about tolerance and patience.

It means no worries

And finally, you need a friend that helps you grow financially. He does not want to see you stranded and wants you to prosper at all cost. That friend is us.

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