6 Reasons Why Pay Day is Just The Best

“Screams with excitement”

Joy overflow in my heart! Joy like a river! Joy! Joy! Joy!

As iiiin! One simply cannot contain the excitement, especially after the wait of life. You know it, that wait that tests your patience and creativity with money, lol. We are sha focusing only on good things today. Woo Hoo!

So here are some reasons why payday is the best

1. Love at First Sight

When you first receive that glorious credit alert

Best feeling ever

2. Warmth
Is it me or is that day always unusually bright and sunny? Like, are butterflies whispering in my ears?

No matter how many times it comes in a year

3. Rich Man Syndrome
How you walk into your favorite but sorta expensive restaurant, and even buy snail this time.

Like a boss

4. Captain Obvious

When your co-workers ask if they’ve settled you and you’re like “can’t you see my glow?”

Peace out

5. Life has New Meaning
Shining, shining, shining, shining yeah!- everybody now!

Stay winning people!

6. Payday Hangover
When it dawns on you that you‘ve been on a bender the whole day, spending like there’s no tomorrow, and you begin to fear for your account balance the next morning.

“Why can’t I change”

Must be nice huh? Whilst we let you enjoy this day, why don’t you let us manage that wake up call and possibly even let the joy of seeing something in your account last everyday till the next payday?

All you need to do is download the REACH App at www.findreach.com to know how you spend your money?

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