6 Ways Money “Used to Disappear” in This Lagos

Terrifying money zapping mysteries explained!

People of God.

That our money that we planned:

  1. What wuru wuru magic happened with it?
  2. How is all that my plenty cash now doing me abracadabra?
  3. Na jazz?

Let us sha rock your world with the following grim revelations. Well, we’ve isolated some suspects in this tale of troubled waters. Let’s see if you can ID them.

  1. The Cashless Façade

You know, those little messages you get from your bank after all those ATM withdrawals, those SMS charges, those random 10 Naira debits, yeah bro! One person in this our office was calculating 8K on top bank charge.

This is not a drill

Pro tip: The Nigerian Gov’t actually pays you back some change for using POS machines to pay for services?

2. The Chop-Chop Matters

All those trips to the local restaurant for lunch every working day. We’re not saying it’s bad but did you know, even if you’re spending N500 on lunch every day in this Lagos, that’s a whooping NGN130,000 every year.

On lunch. You better start bringing your own food from home!

3. The Subscription Abyss

Like that, like that, your data has finished. Small time now, you’re renewing. But all my HTGAWM, Big Bang Theory, Suits….Prison Break sef has resumed. And data has finished. Again. Did you know? The average Lagosian spends NGN 60,000 on data every year? What happened to hofiz Wi-Fi? (don’t say it was us who told you o!).

“Screams internally”

Set data limits on your phone settings and hold yaself dammit!

4. The NEPA Helper

Oga at the top, every time gen, you even leave it on all night sometimes because NEPA is “playing with the light”. All your home gadgets are always in full power, whether it’s AC, room freezer, deep freezer, small fridge, TV, all of the lights.

Did you know that the average Lagosian uses about 4Litres of petrol daily at about NGN211,700 for their generator every year?

It is wisdom of life that will make you go and look for rechargeable fan and inverter: NGN150,000 one time only.

5. The DSToo Much Pickle

How you get trapped in the “ I put on the TV not to watch it but to have background noise” pickle? Us too! Subscription is hexpensive o! Did you know there are people in this Lagos spending NGN107K on TV subscription per annum?

As iiiiiiiin — e fear me no be small

If you must, subscribe only when the season is on or when the show is airing. You don’t need to do it just because.

6. The Weave Whim

We’re talking about that Brazillian Peruvian Mongolian Alsatian standard that you’re always eyeing. Sisteh! Sometimes you have to humble yourself and do braids.

Did you know that the annual cost of doing even synthetic human hair in this Lagos is about NGN130,000 as against NGN66,000 for braids?

Not to speak of the foreign nameless ones o

After all is said and done, we need to learn how to use our money with brain.

Try some of these quick fixes out and let us know what changes in your akant balance at the end of each month. We cannot guarantee a 100% turnaround but we can assure you that paying more attention to all of your expenses will improve your lifestyle.

Visit www.findreach.com, download our app, and be great.

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