7 Times Your Money Embarrassed You

Real Life Struggles of People That Haven’t Learned to Manage Money Like The Adults They Are

1. How you spend your money on payday(LAVISH!!!) vs. 10 days after.

2. When you try to go clubbing just that once and you see your akant balance the next morning.

Is this life?

3. As you finally had the liver to go and withdraw but the ATM be looking right back at you like… do you have any money tho?

4. Bimpe is now even tired of your every time brokeness, plenty boyz on her matter and you can’t even buy her brazillian hair. kontinu

PS: How she looks without her brazillian

5. Everything for market don too cost because of dollar and dollar too is looking like…don’t join me inside your problems

6. When you try to make a purchase for a big ticket item and your inner self is like…if I slap you!

7. And your mom is even asking if you have been saving money but you’re just there like…

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