Finding “The One”

If she cannot eat “mama put” with you, she’s not the one

Love is magical. It can have impact on your bowels when she walks by. It even helps you do some cardio as your heart begins to beat faster. Sigh! Love.

When I was done dreaming, I woke up to the reality of my “single”ness. Doing 4–0 in uni didn’t pay after all. I said it will be easy to find love, once I made small money. I was wrong.

This is one man’s “finding the one” story:

  1. Car Scam
    This one time, I went to a blind date. She saw me sweating and went straight to ask whether I didn’t have AC in “my car”.

2. 404 Babe
Approached this one babe I had been seeing at my local church. She said I was the missing link between an ape and a human being. “Error not found” in approaching her.

It ended and I didn’t look back.

3. Amala Did It
Amala was seriously “hungry”ing me, and the only place I could eat correct one, was at this small buka not far from the office. That is how this babe I met at one of our meetings saw me and asked “how can you be eating in this sort of a place?”.

But what was she doing there too tho?

4. Growing Pains
The one who crowned it all. After knowing her for 12 years total, watching her go through all the heartbreaks, hearing her say that she needs a good man, I eventually developed feels and asked her out. She said I was like a… you know the rest.

Why is she wasting time with boyfriend when she has a husband right here?

If you don’t play your cards right, you may not win. We still believe there’s still hope for him. And if you have a similar story, there’s still hope for you too.

We are hosting a “Love and Money” event this Thursday the 20th, where we hope to discuss some of the issues affecting singles and married couples in making better decisions in finding love, financial compatibility, resolving financial issues and overall helping people win at both love and money.

Speakers: Tolu Dimma-Okojie, Toks Fagbamigbe
Date: This Thursday, July 2oth
Venue: Cafe Neo, 6 Agoro Odiyan Str, Off Adeola Odeku, VI.
Time: 5.30 – 7.30pm

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