I Threw A Birthday Party for 10 With 5K in My Pocket

Here’s how

Me that I am the true son of my father. Will now I go and be wasting money that I’m still managing all because I want to do birthday? Of course not!

  1. Call Credit
    Buy 500 Naira credit to call all 10 of them. Total, 500 bucks.

2. Food
Small chops, 350 per pack. Put only puff-puff and spring rolls(no one really minds). Total, 3,500 Naira.

No chill

Bring Your Own Jack Daniels! Total, Free.


4. Cake
One cupcake from a restaurant. 200 Naira a piece. Put 20 Naira party candle on it.

Issa cake!

5. Water
Pack of 12 bottles. Total, 650 Naira.

Yep! It’s that cheap.

6. Music
MTV Base. Duh! Total, free.

Heyyy! Hooooo!

Grand Total? NGN4,870. Pere!

You really don’t have to throw money away for those small and simple parties, especially where you just want to be thankful for your new age.
Rather, keep the lavishness for the big ‘0s where you can even save to give to people who don’t have half of your blessings.

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