Lagos Money Gossip Pt. 2

How “slayage” can slay your account balance

Seems about right to say that looking good isn’t cheap. And as ladies, just looking good doesn’t cut it, sometimes, you need to slay!!!

A lot of us have quite a handful of responsibilities and know the chunk of our salaries that it’ll take to slay effortlessly but you’ll be seeing people who don’t earn half as much as you do, wearing expensive clothing and to crown it all, expensive human hair(pun intended). What!! How are they affording it? Why can’t you? It’s unnerving but you’re not alone, the vicious cycle that is hair slayage can be beaten once we understand how it works.

Phase 1: Hair At First Sight

Hmm, this one is strong!! That moment when you see the bounce, the thickness, the wave, oh the humanity! You now quickly arrange when you’ll first install it in your head, could be good for that big wedding or a week to your birthday. You already know you’ll be smashing in them bundles.

Phase 2: Good Angel, Bad Angel

You begin to fight within yourself. To buy or not to buy? How many days left till your next salary? How many days will you starve for? Is your head not small enough for 200grams to be enough? The seller tells you they have only three pieces left and you become pressed to make a decision.

You act all dramatic that night like you can’t live without it all of a sudden, meanwhile, the seller is there like

Phase 3: Sold!!

When deep down you knew that that bundle had you at hello all along, you decide to buy it! The funny thing is that if you didn’t have the money to buy it, you wouldn’t have even considered Phase 2! Now, here we are, and you, walking away with 4% of your annual salary, feeling all giddy inside.

Phase 4: The Actual Slay

It’s finally time to launch that baby! You don’t really trust your stylist to not destroy the weave because you haven’t seen him install one so you decide to try other “more experienced” hands. They tell you it’s #8,000 Naira and you die a little inside. You close eyes and do it because your birthday is in a week, so there’s no time to waste. You got the compliments and the pictures were on fleek. Slay day over.

It truly felt like being in a slow-motion Bey video.

Phase 5: Regret

It’s 17 days to your next payday, you’ve officially gone broke; The realization was accompanied by a sharp pain in your “chwest”; You now see yourself counting all the remaining raw food in your house and which foods can easily be made into concoction. You’re now considering sardines and garri for dinner. Hmmn! Sister, it is that fly weave that you bought, it’s not your enemies.

When will you learn?

You must be wondering why this is a cycle. You know why? It’s because this is not the first time you’re doing it but after reading this, you should understand two things;
1. You can do better, by buying wisely and planning for expenses like that.
2. If you don’t buy that particular weave, you will not die.

We women start thinking of our next hairstyle at least two weeks till the one you’re wearing is due for a fix, why not have it planned out ages before? Why not buy flexible weaves that you can reuse, straighten and curl so you can always renew the look? Why not braid every now and then since it’s significantly cheaper?

If you don’t think you spend that much on “slaying”, feel free to download our REACH app on the Google playstore and see for yourself.




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