The 5 falamtines that are carrying last this year

Love is in the recession. It’s FeBAEary and if cupid has not hit you till now, biko stop playing rough play and seize the bae! We’ve decided to help you sha. If you have been doing any of these things,

Stop it!

Now now now!

  1. The shameless falamtine

Buying singlet and handkerchief. At your age. 4 years in a row. Ladies get in here! Is he a cultural dancer? Mind yourself o!

2. The Arsene Wenger Falamtine

Leaving bae to go and watch another disappointing Arsenal FC Match. Guy you wicked sha. Kuku marry Mr. Wenger! Abeg (3x)

3. The Babalawo Falamtine

When you carry all the red clothes in your house and wear them all at once. You want bae to see your love by fire by force. #Why?

4. The ThrowbackBae Falamtine

When you allow your ex slip back into your life because you’re in the loving spirit. Some battles are not physical. Run!

5. The Winch-Craft Falamtine

You say you don’t want anything. But bae is supposed to somehow divine that you actually want a 2016 Carat-top Dario Bademosi handbag. When he doesn’t buy anything.

You: Somebody cannot play with you again?

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