The 6 Wahalarious Nigerians to Avoid This Year

To the six types of people feeling that they have bought plot of land in our life in this 2017. We have just one thing to say to you: Come And Beat Me!

1. Mr. & Mrs. DashMe Cash.

When you went to the village last Christmas and you didn’t give every Tochi, Deji and Hamza money. As I don’t have, come and beat me

2. Aso-Ebi Contessa

When Ifeoma’s total aso-ebi package was nearing six figures and you asked for the colour of the day. Then she started vexing and doing eye for you wan kind wan kind…

Are we going to follow you to ozzband house?

3. The TurnUp Crew

As you’ve now finally gotten a new job and your friends think you will be covering their bills during hangouts. Think again bros. Every man for himself.

4. The Concerned Coworker

When dollar rate hypertension starts and your coworker is there asking you why you buy mama put. *Laughs in FX* What is your own?

5. The Broke Egbons

My dear cousins, in your minds, dis Quilozz outing is on me as per I just got back and have dollas — abi?

Egbon, na school dem send me. I will sha go out and not pay for you.

5. Bimpe

When the money you’ve been saving for a car since how many years is now only able to buy the engine, and Bimpe is saying she wants a guy who drives. Bimpe, I have something special to say to you…see below

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