Unveiling our Fresh New Look

And hello to REACH Scores!

By this time next week, you’ll be living this reality. The next time you hear from us, we’ll be sharing the link to download and update your app. For now, here’s all you need to know about the freshness that is the soon-coming redesigned REACH.

1. REACH Points. The higher your points, the more access you have to our best discounts.

Did someone say points? I love games!!

2. Save instantly. You no longer have to wait for daily, weekly, or monthly debits. You can now move lump sums into your goals.

3. Now you can set up two accounts on REACH. Yes, you can now coordinate with one person to manage all the money for your primary school reunion.

4. You can now tell us the category into which your goal falls. This will mean we can get even more targeted arrangements between you and vendors.

5. It’s not just a sexier, more functional app, it’s also significantly grown and rid of bugs.

6. As we approach the end of our beta season, we just want to say thanks for the love and support.

Start a savings goal today.

 Kudi, JR, Victoria, Funke, Pila, Chidu, Samuel, Ehis and Jubril i.e. all of us at REΛCH!

Download REACH for Android to start enjoying this and other benefits or join the iOS waitlist to get notified when we’re on the App Store.

Originally published at us11.campaign-archive1.com.

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