The Other Life of Book Lovers Series — Alexavier Charles

My name is Alexavier Charles (@Pxavier_Corp), born on 24th September, this makes me a Libra. I currently work as an intern Pharmacist while trying to obtain a Degree in the profession and I’m a ghostwriter in some blogs.

I believe that there are two types of people; those who admit sex is a good thing, publicly without any feeling of disgust and liars.
 I enjoy frozen yogurt while watching Doctor House or Devious maids with my little cousin.

My best friend says I’m a terrible hugger. She says it feels like I’m trying to escape , I hate to admit this here but honestly I am. I don’t know what it means to trust in God because my faith In God started shrinking when my Godmother died but I’m starting to trust again, hopefully he’ll prove me wrong this year.

I couldn’t find self love until I gave myself a beating because I believed that there is nothing more autobiographical than a scar.
 I wasn’t much of a reader until I met a beautiful damsel who initiated me into a ‘reading cult’ and now Reading and listening to Music would be the two activities Alexavier would be caught engross upon even during the Apocalypse. I mean this has saved my Life literally.
 I enjoy African literature but I’ll rather settle for foreign poetry works which I consider to be the best form of art that exist. Sierra Demulder, Rudy Francisco, Sarah Kay , are a few of my favourite authors.

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