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Even over statements: The prioritization tool that brings your strategy to life

What are even over statements?

Even overs at The Ready

Bring your strategy to life

There must be a way to have it all, though!

“Theories of constraints apply, physics applies, and we do have to make choices.” — Aaron Dignan in our podcast

Choosing a priority can result in a win-win

How to define even overs with your team

  1. Gather your team. Get people into the right mindset with some warm-up questions. For example, What even overs did you apply when choosing where you live? What are your even overs when you eat out at a restaurant? What did you prioritize when you were dating?
  2. Bring the focus back to work and ask what you, as a team, need to prioritize in order to achieve your goals.
  3. Ask your team to generate as many ideas as they can using paper or digital sticky notes. If people can pinpoint a priority but they don’t know what the trade-off is, that’s fine. They can start with the value on the left and you can work out the other later. For example, they may know that diversity should be prioritized but they might be unsure what the trade-off is.
  4. Check for understanding and ask any clarifying questions.
  5. Simplify and group ideas to find appropriate even overs and then vote on which are most relevant. Favor the most pertinent, motivating, and differentiating even overs for your teams and business.
  6. Nominate someone or a group to propose three or four even overs to the rest of the group.
  7. Seek consent within your team.
  8. Give yourself a time frame, commit to your even overs, and test them out. Review them every quarter, and revise them based on what you’ve learned.

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