Here’s The Story Behind Our New Logo

At The Ready, we’re embracing a new year with a new company, and today sharing the rollout of our first official visual identity.

Over the last two months of 2015, we had the pleasure of working with our former collaborators at Tag Collective to create a mark and overall visual aesthetic for our brand. Rather than tell you about it from our perspective, I thought I’d let Becca Eley and Jason Punches — the creative duo behind the work — speak to the effort.

The final visual identity for The Ready

AD: You’ve worked with me before on a similar identity project (Undercurrent). Why come back for round two?

BE/JP: Two reasons. One, this space is endlessly interesting. And two, working with Undercurrent we found a set of smart, hard working and passionate people that were open to ideas. That allows us to do our best work. We felt there was more to say here — there’s no final word in a space like change management.

AD: What inspired you during this project?

BE/JP: What’s more inspiring than looking up at the sky and wondering what’s beyond? With this project we were really inspired by that question and it got us thinking about Buckminster Fuller’s notion of “Spaceship Earth.” In our minds, members of The Ready could become some of the navigators helping to steer that ship.

An early mock up, background courtesy of Unsplash

AD: What challenged you during this project?

BE/JP: This mark represented a unique challenge in that The Ready has two different audiences: network members and clients. We knew the identity system had to be versatile enough to represent trust and confidence to blue chip client partners, while also expressing intrigue and energy to members and prospective members around the world.

The angle is set to match the axial tilt of the Earth (23.44 to be exact)

AD: What’s up with the D?

BE/JP: The D specifically represents the axial tilt of the earth, expressed as a waxing crescent. We thought this was a great metaphor for The Ready because it illustrates the global ambitions of the brand and this idea of inescapable progress. The world will always be shifting and moving forward. The Ready know this, and they see it as a calling.

Final adjustments to the type brought balance and alignment

AD: What process did you use to arrive at the final mark?

Our process is pretty straightforward. We start with discovery, which means figuring out The Ready’s goals and challenges. Next, we conduct a broad exploration, addressing these goals and challenges with a range of strategic concepts. We then develop creative concepts that represent each of those directions. And finally, we listen — identifying and refining a singular solution together.

We at The Ready are so excited to bring this new brand to life — to imbue it with meaning and purpose, and to share it with you. If you enjoyed this perspective on the thinking and process behind it, share this piece. If you dislike it, give us that feedback. And if you see private parts when you look at it, see a therapist.

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