Organizational Design Without Empathy Won’t Work

Sam Spurlin
Apr 28, 2016 · 4 min read
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Turns out I’m not a productivity cyborg after all.

Org Design Doesn’t Always Have All the Answers

It has been a super helpful reminder that much, maybe the majority, of what determines how we feel about our work often has nothing to do with the work or organization itself.

But It Sure Doesn’t Hurt

What this isn’t, though, is an excuse to not even try to make our organizations better places to work. To not even try making them places where people feel like they can make a contribution toward a purpose they believe in, where they can use skills they’ve spent years developing and honing, to develop friendships, and to have fun. Places where the time they spend doing useless tasks, navigating arcane bureaucracy, and managing petty politics, is minimized in favor of doing stuff that actually matters.

The Ready

Lessons from our quest to change how the world works.

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