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Three Things Great Leaders Inside Contemporary Organizations Do

Great leaders are less interested in telling every cell in their organization what to do than they are in creating an environment that allows those cells to thrive.

1. Great Leaders Share Context

What the most forward thinking organizations understand is that hierarchy in itself is not a bad thing — it’s only hierarchies of relatively static and ambiguous roles that cause problems.

Practice Sharing Context With Your Teams:

Great Leaders Enhance Information Flow

The more difficult, yet arguably more important, part of a network are the connections between all the teams and individuals. The power of a network exists only in the quantity and quality of those relationships.

Ways to Get the Information Flowing Again:

Great Leaders Protect the Health of Their Teams

In other words, great leaders help teams get the resources they need, help teams remove harmful internal toxins, and they prepare the environment so that their teams are more likely to thrive.

Practice Keeping Your Teams Healthy:




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